I knelt on the floor of the car and opened my bag which had tipped it’s content blindly searching for the tiny plastic bottle, I found it and uncapped it, poured a dollop of coconut oil on my palm and faced him, he was watching my every move with a predatory lending, and I coated his chocolate candy cane from tip to shaft making him jerk, I wrapped my left hands around it and my right thumb was moving circles on the very tip, he moaned lightly while I moved my hands in alternating speed, my lips joined the party and his eyes popped open, by this time my ass was hanging in the air and the cool air from the AC was blowing glory into my ass and my juices were running down my thighs from feeling the pleasure I was giving.


I bent her over on the edge of that table and buried this cock inside her. With one of my hands on her back and the other on her waist. I made myself comfortable as I drilled Katherine. I fucked her so hard almost like someone told me this was the last time I would get the opportunity to. I rammed her deep, hard and fast till her words started to stutter. I moved to hold her on her shoulders so she couldn’t prevent me from going as deep as I wanted to. I slammed into her over and over again listening to my crotch slap her ass. Her legs started to shake and her moans got deeper but managed to be expelled only after shallow breaths. I fucked her even harder while she cummed for me. She was struggling to get her breathing under control but I didn’t care. I just kept smashing through.


All this while the other couple had been watching us. I went from one embarrassment to another. I had to cover my face until the other couple started clapping softly with smiles on their faces and my husband Jason had a little smirk on his face with his hands apart, palms facing the roof as if to indicate I had no choice. He followed that up by raising his glass and saying; the best meal isn’t on the menu. 


She looked at me and wondered before asking “how on earth are you this relaxed? You didn’t expect this to happen did you?” I looked at her smiling and said “take your best guess” she immediately covered her face and said; “Dipo, you’re one hell of a sneaky bastard!!!” She proceeded to punch me quite a lot of times before we both burst into laughter. I told her we don’t have much time Bryan just texted me that we’ve only got about 13 minutes before there’s power again. She replied; we better make the best use of it.


He held me down when I tried to run from the dick partly because he was close too. I had no complaints though because that meant he fucked me through my whole cum process and the feeling I got from that; can’t even be described with words. 

Just imagine a huge cock fucking you exactly how you like it; somewhere in between slow and fast, deep and shallow but definitely rugged while you squirted. But at thesame time, held you down while your whole body vibrated till you went numb. Does that seem great? It was a little better than that.

WANTS AND DESIRES 3 (show me your beast)

He fucked me, exactly how I liked it. My fingers badly wanted to grab something but couldn’t, they were reduced to playing with the rug. Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!! Ohhhh fuck!!! He kept fucking my soul out of me. I even started apologising for things that I didn’t do. Oh lawd! I was close. Don’t stop please; I yelled out continuously and he listened. Fucked me with an even greater deal! More purpose and even more viciously. His dick constantly stimulating the roof of my pussy with every thrust I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. I came cumming for this fine man who has rammed me rugged. But no he didn’t stop fucking me. I cried, like tears! Yeah! He fucked me through the time I was cumming for. Harder, deeper and faster. Held me down even tighter. I couldn’t run from that dick. I cried from pleasure “I never want him to leave”; I said to myself.