He warned me (part 2)


Part 2

I was so glued to my seat, I didn’t even consider leaving. He paused for some seconds I think to give me time to think about my decision but there was no wavering from me, he knew that and continued. He licked my outer ear very slowly tingling through the soft skin of the mysterious organ for hearing before his hands came to play. He readjusted my body slowly placing me to rest back down with my head on the arm rest, he took my lower body by my thighs as he tried to place me carefully on the soft sinking sofa and I was really sinking in thoughts. The feel of his hand on my thigh sent waves through my body. I assisted through the whole body adjusting process and in seconds my head was carefully placed on the arm rest, my left leg straight on the sofa with my right toes poking the marbled floor as my foot struggled to stay flat on the floor. He laid over me with his hands carrying most of his body weight, my head tilted to the side as he applied soft little kisses to my face and traced my jawline to my chin. I tilted my head up wards and backwards to give him a clear passage and the appreciated that as he dragged his lips through my neckline pausing at specific intervals to apply short, soft but damp kisses to the sides of my neck. I thought to myself he has to kiss me now because I felt there was nowhere else to go but the kept going downhill. He let out warm air on my cleavage digging his tongue in between as he squeezed my left boobs gentlemanly. I really wanted to take off my bra right now and after the long tease he walked his way back up through the same route he had come from. Finally, I thought, he was going to kiss me now but he paused and I felt him move off me, I opened my eyes only to see him taking a spoon of ice cream, he looked to the side and my gaze met his beautiful eyes and he wasted no time in going for my lips. The feeling of his cold lips on mine with the taste of the creamy vanilla and my thought all day made this even more incredible than it set out to be, he took my lips in his, holding me by the side of my face with his fingers wandering around my ears.  He interchanged beautifully between upper and lower lip and about after a minute of lip wrestling he introduced his tongue majestically grabbing my face even tighter as I swung my arms around him, he increased the pace now and the slow sweet kiss was turning into a devouring session and I loved it. I responded with the pace of my own and more intent as I felt the tongues were not in contact enough. He loved it and responded even with more energy and want. I knew I wanted him to take me right there and then and from the kiss the feeling was mutual. I led his hand to my boobs and he squeezed not so gentlemanly now but I loved it. We were really going at it now and it was a total beauty. The pace gradually dropped and energy was burning out. We withdrew the tongues and left the lips to finish what they started he gently bit and pulled my lower lip before he went back to the wet summer of cold kisses then I responded with a little bite of my own. We kisses for the next few seconds and felt the steam burn out, it was a total beauty; it was wet, cold and beautiful. He kissed my forehead and held me close. My lips felt so cold, yet so warm, I felt valued and wanted. was there a better feeling? Trust me I don’t know! … I opened my eyes now and saw him staring at me. I looked away shyly but in truth I was blushing. His gaze was so intense and his beautiful eyes with his killer smile, was enough for any girl to blush it’s even more captivating if it’s after a kiss.

I reluctantly gestured we go to the room, he smiled, took a long look at me, took me by the hand and we both stood. He was holding me in his arms now with my head just resting on his chest, then he asked; “do you watch porn sometimes?” I honestly didn’t expect the question at least not now but I did well to nod in response then he asked; “how many porn movies have you watched that they straffed in the room” and there it hit me but before I could say anything he said; the bedroom and the bed is overrated in sex. Then and there I knew we were going to give it a go there and then. He slowly unzipped my gown from the back, I held him tighter as if to say I was scared and that led him to ask if it was my first time. I replied in a low tone and loosened my grip as if to say take me! I’m all yours. He dropped my gown to reveal my underwear with my bra and panties a matching pair in terms of colour … shinning pink! I was really shy now and staring at the marbled floor was all I could do. He let go off me, took a few steps back and gushed “you are so damn beautiful” I felt really good hearing that, he appreciates my body, and he just knows how to make me blush! Wonderful characteristic! My confidence level rose and I could look at him now. He was all smiles and very handsome. He gestured towards me indicating I took a few steps forward to meet him. I obediently obliged and I was in his arms once again, and I could feel his clothing on my skin and it didn’t just feel right and for the umpteenth time today it felt like he heard me. He took off his shirt and shorts to reveal a ripped body and a pelvic region with briefs hanging from his waistline. His briefs was coloured like the army’s camou, it looked kinda bad ass to me and after quite a stare I decided to ask … “is he as bad ass as the army?”  Gesturing to the raging monster, which caused the bulge to the side underneath the camouflaged briefs. He smiled and replied; “it’s only a matter of time before you find out” I smiled anticipating his next move. He pulled me towards him and his skin on mine felt heavenly warm. He pulled my hair back a little and kissed everywhere around my neck and whispered in my ears “how do you like to be kissed somewhere else”

My response wouldn’t have mattered though as almost immediately he picked me up and dropped me on the chair. My butt was on the arm rest with my torso falling lower into the soft sofa. He kissed very slowly and softly every part of my toe to my ankle and to my knee then my thighs taking his time to pay adequate attention to every detail. He dragged his lips round and across my smooth thighs, the higher he went, the more time he took. My eyes were closed and my juices started trickling down as his hands came to party. He slowly caressed with his smooth tender palm as the kisses kept coming through. He slid his hand higher up and used the tip of his fingers to trace a line on either side of my honey pot. My juices trickled down faster now and my sex was damp now, he proceeded to apply little kisses to the lines his fingers previously traced and I was losing my hold. He applied the deathblow when he kissed my now wet honey pot through my panties and clipped my clitoris with his lips and slightly pulled it up. I moaned a little louder now and my mouth was nowhere near shutting now, he moved up as he licked in circles around my navel while his fingers and hand kept working their magic around my thighs and sex he worked his way up with his tongue and lips touching every inch of skin available. His hands stopped the play as the quickly dazzled to unhook my bra … and it felt really good and in my head were the words “at long, long last” he removed my bra and set my soft succulent boobs free my nipples were hard on and I didn’t think my body could take any more of this pleasant torture. He kissed my cleavage and applied soft deft kisses to the sides of my breasts. He rolled around my nipples in small circles with his finger as he slowly cupped the other breasts. I moaned subsequently and consistently as the boob play went on. He traced through every rough patch around my nipples in order to get to my nerve endings which kept sending waves and waves of cold current through my spines and my stream of juices kept flowing. He toggled my hard nipple from left to right, slowly brushing across the face of the nipple as he squeezed the other boob harder. He let me moan louder and in his ears as he brushed across the face even faster this time, and even faster. He released the grip on the other boob and went ahead to trace with his tongue in circles around the nipple like he did with his finger earlier. I was in dreamland attention was given to every part of me, I wanted Tomiwa so badly now, my juices were free flowing and I would readily take him now but he was not done just yet. He watched my nipples try to get into his mouth at every opportunity but kept them out and kept on the tease. He toggles across the face of my nipple with his tongue and kept the other locked in between his fingers; as he toggled faster with his tongue, he pulled up on the other nipple and tried to tighten his grip on it. I was letting out soft moans uncontrollably and I definitely more than anything wanted him in me. In one surprising move, he took my nipple all in his mouth and if there’s truly anything like a nipple orgasm … I had been there! He gave me one deep suckle and I let out moans after moans and waves juices after juices as he continued to suckle majestically. His lips, tongue and warm mouth was just the perfect place for my throbbing nipple. He gave me those soft little bites and interchanged boobs from time to time depending on the response he got which was in no doubt perfect as I groaned in his ears and kept on my moans and the deeper they were he knew what I wanted but never a time was there a nipple left bored, He was that good! Tomiwa raised it up a notch when he slid his hand under my panties while he continued the nipple play. Never in my life have I had a foreplay this intense and to think it was not even done was absolutely mind-blowing. His fingers met a stream juices with an erect and throbbing clitoris. He skillfully stroked them in a pendulum like manner except that every stroke was faster than the previous one as he whispered in my ears “I want you to cum for me baby” before returning to boob duty. He kept sliding across my clitoris hood beautifully as I became insanely wet. My juices kept flowing and he kept rolling around my clits where squishing sounds as a result of my wetness ensued and deeper louder moans “oh my … oooooo … no don’t stop … fuckk … oh … oh … yeah” I made. He was even going faster and harder now and I was moaning louder than ever with the next moan louder than the previous one and every stroke was even more beautifully crafted. I could feel my muscles contract … I held on to him for stability as I tried to hold on. He traced the line from my honey hole to my clits multiple times ending with a clitoral flick after every oscillation. This was accompanied by waves and waves of juices as my leg muscles started to contract. This would be the worst time for him to stop I thought t myself as I could see the gates to orgasm land just up ahead. He squeezed my boobs hard and pulled up my nipples as he met my deep shaky moans with deep ones of his own. He groan-talked in my ears and his voice was heavenly “oh yea baby, common baby … get wetter for me baby … oh yea .. oh yeeeahhh … cum for me baby” I was going to explode with orgasms I knew that for sure as every stroke became softer yet faster … lighter yet harder … I was drifting away into orgasm land as my body convulsed to produce the best orgasms yet with Tomiwa hitting the right chord every time. My legs were shaking … “oh fuck … I’m cumming … I’m fucking cumming … tyhjbfhxbc … ohhh yeah … oh … oh … oh” … moans were louder and deeper. I let out my best orgasm yet … I pushed Tomiwa away as I couldn’t take any more touches and I was almost dancing on the sofa due to involuntary muscles contracting and relaxing at incredible speed with hormones running through. I could feel my face flush as Tomiwa held me like the gentle man that he is. He kissed me multiple times on my lips and forehead as I slowly drifted away and sensitivity reduced …..


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