He warned me


Part 1

It was a cold afternoon just a couple of minutes past 3, I was staring outside through my bedroom window to see if I’ll manage to catch a glimpse of Tomiwa. Tomiwa is my neighbor but we only started talking a few weeks ago, Tomiwa is very cute, I could almost not breathe around him. His lips so beautifully shaped carved with the right curves and is tainted with the right colours pink and black, black just underlining his lips while pink owned the rest of his lips. His eye brows; oh so well designed I wonder how he does that, a girl would almost get jealous. He has this afro that is always perfectly combed and beards that runs through the sides of his face to that well dropped jaw of his, his eyes brown and beautiful, simply excellent and his nose even more so. Tomiwa is dark, bold and handsome. He is probably not the most muscular guy around but he’s well built for a 23 year old. After we got talking I got to know that he finished his NYSC a year ago and works with Honneywell as a food technologist, not bad considering the apartment he lives in. I was there 3 days ago and I could not comprehend why going there again felt like a necessity. Tomiwa walking through the compound brought my wandering mind back, he was walking around in a short and a sports top trying to fix or service or whatever you guys call it to his car. He told me about it draining oil yesterday evening. Hmm yesterday evening; okay I’m not keeping you guessing. We kissed for the first time.  It was soft, short and heavenly. It was like tasking milky way  in a full glass of cold dark chocolate with having your hair  tingle the back of your neck at the same time and I’m not even sure if that fully describes it J. But if there was anything to mar it … it was that it was short. It’s not like I kiss for 10 minutes before its long but under 2 minutes just doesn’t do it for me and that left me guessing, thinking and fantasizing what kissing him for longer would feel like, with his hands brushing through my hair, touching my face and even squeezing my ass. I was so lost in thought I didn’t even notice him waving at me, yeah yeah …. He caught me already and also last night he warned me to stay away from him claiming he was bad for me, but somehow, bad just seemed perfectly alright to me. I wanted him ten times more than a week ago. I responded to his wave with a short wave of my own and my cute little smile. He was saying something but it was indistinct I couldn’t really pick it out. So I gestured to him I would becoming over to his place, it sounded like trouble, but I liked the smell of trouble. I was wearing a short gown but since it was cold I had my jacket on too. I quickly rushed through the stairs with the hope of finding him in his compound but by the time I got there he was indoors already.

 I am Omolayo by the way some of my friends call me tomato J  I’m not the tallest girl around. I’m about 5”7, dark skinned, some people would agree I’m pretty. My breasts are not over the place but I’ve got a nice pair, they turn heads, seen a coke bottle before? I got a fair share of the curves with my hips coming through making the right curve at the proper angle. I wouldn’t say my butt is all over the place too but I know a couple of guys who’ll beg for it; sometimes, full panties feel like half. I have very nice lips too, a little cute nose and lovely fingernails, I like weave-on and I’m donning one this afternoon with my hair running down past my ears and shoulders just stopping before my breasts.  I approached his apartment cautiously as opposed to the all excited me that ran down the stairs. That was the first time I was unsure about a decision regarding Tomiwa. It wouldn’t stop me though as I knocked slightly on the door, I got no reply and it was playing in my heard that I should probably stay away, he warned me already; ‘he’s bad for me’. I decided to take my leave but just as I turned I noticed the door bell and there was an excitement rush again with thoughts coming in quick and real fast, ‘maybe he didn’t hear the knock’ ‘what if he only answers door bells?’ amongst other thought. I hurriedly punched the doorbell before I realized what I just did. It dawned on me that I just made an invite to be totally devoured by the handsome looking young man. I wouldn’t waver though, I stood there waiting for a click and creak to enable by passage. While waiting, I dusted of invisible dirt off my jacket and tried to drop my gown lower so it was resting just at my knee and I tried as much as possible to tell myself multiple; ‘Layo you came here for a decent conversation nothing more’ . just as I returned my attention to the door I heard a ‘sorry I’m coming’ shout from Tomiwa, I chuckled as I thought about him actually moaning ‘I’m cumming’ I tried to discard it though. His voice though … deep, manly and sweet at the same time. I couldn’t help but think what his moans would sound like. Think about it, what is sexier than a moaning handsome young man? ; oh maybe ‘baby send me your account number’ is … but trust me, a moaning man is not far off. He got the door in about a minute and didn’t look surprised to see me but rather pleased. His smile was also from molar to molar revealing his beautiful set of teeth. His shirt stained with engine oil, rough hair and dirty pair of hands … he was clearly busy. I suggested to him “maybe I should come back later so you can finish up what you’re doing” he replied; “no, it’s okay to stay, I just rounded up now” he then proceeded to invite me in, his TV was on, a movie was playing, it looked like Friday the 13th, I had seen the trailer before. I asked to confirm if it was Friday the 13th before I took my seat and he said, yeah Layo, it’s obviously Friday the 13th. There was no need for obviously I snapped at him but he said “I’m sorry I had no idea you had not seen it” like the gentleman that he is, I told him I had only seen the trailer and not the full movie hence, the question to confirm. He apologized again, and told me to take a seat and feel like I was in a cinema hall, sit back relax and enjoy and then the killer smile. He just does everything right, doesn’t he? . He’s a hard worker, he’s funny, he’s bearded  J, he cooks, he’s romantic, there’s only probably one thing left to discover; does he fuck good?. That question’s been playing on my mind for a while now. He snapped me back to reality when he asked if I was okay … really?  definitely I am. But I deprived him of that and replied “yes boss, I’m fine” then I asked who sees horror movies by 4pm anyway? He replied; “if the movie’s good I’ll see it even by 5 a.m”  we both laughed this time before he politely asked I excused him “Omolayo please can you give me a few minutes I need to clean up real bad” I replied; “its fine … go on dirty boy”. We both laughed as I watched him disappear down the hall, I thought to myself … why am I so comfortable? The answer wasn’t forthcoming though.

His apartment was strangely dark no window blind was lift or open to allow light in, no bulbs were on either giving it the cinema feel plus it was warm inside so I took my jacket off just left with my sleeveless short gown. His sofa was so soft my butt was sinking in which raised my knees a little higher than expected and my gown even higher up my thighs. I wanted Tomiwa so bad but I didn’t want to be a ‘slut’ to get him so I constantly readjusted my gown and secretly hoped that when he resurfaced he catches a glimpse of my thighs before I pull my gown back down again. I like horror movies but they make me scared with that mixed with dirty thoughts … the hormonal rush was even more and excitement level higher. In about 20 minutes Tomiwa resurfaced again this time in a casual white shirt and shorts with his shinny Nike slippers. He looked so fresh from the bath, his hair still a little wet and his skin looking like a baby’s. he approached where I was sitting and leaned over my heart raced as I feared a kiss would ensue but I got some senses to work to pick out the wonderful fragrance of his manly cologne, he kept leaning and in the end picked up the remote beside me. I almost hit myself and asked why didn’t he just ask me to pass it instead of sending out my wandering mind. He increased the volume on the movie and asked how I was enjoying the movie without it being louder. I told him; I guess I made do with the subtitles. He smiled like he knew his smile would always make me trip and asked if he could sit right next to me. I replied “yes please, shyly”. We sat closely together for a couple of minutes and I don’t really believe either of us was watching the movie any longer.  He stood and said he’ll be right back ; “I’ll be right back Layo, don’t touch that gown” and there it hit me he caught me already I pretended not to hear, and I definitely didn’t follow the instruction about my gown. He left anyway and returned almost immediately with popcorns and ice cream as if he had planned for this day already. He dropped the ice cream on the table just in front of us and offered me the popcorns right away. I tasted the popcorns and it was sugar-filled, sweet and crunchy to its best. I ate more of the popcorns in the next few minutes that followed as we enjoyed the pseudo movie. He finally broke the silence and asked “wouldn’t you take the ice cream? You’re hot enough to melt it!” . The compliment was flirty, but I liked it and responded with a shy smile and the taste of the cold cream of vanilla, just as creamy as it could have been. Sweet! Today is just perfect! … then I thought ‘could it have been better?’ … but I needed no one to tell me I was already being an Oliver Twist. Tomiwa slowly dragged his arm around me through the back of my head as he adjusted his body without any prior notice. I really wanted to say something but my mouth wouldn’t just open and before I could muster the words ‘the movie is good but scary’ he told me to stop dragging my gown down; “why do you keep pulling that down? You have beautiful thighs” he said. I was dumbfounded a simple thank you wouldn’t even escape through my sealed lips and I left it at that but still dragged my gown down for at least that last time. The silence went on for a few more minutes and I couldn’t help but think what his next move would be. I was only seeing pictures on the screen not watching the movie, thoughts streaming through my head, if I had hormonal malfunction I’ll probably be jumping at him now.

 He broke the silence and asked … ”did you like the kiss yesterday?” I knew it would come to that but then I lied ”it was just okay” I said .. he replied asking so what kind of kiss would be more than okay to you? Carrying a surprised look of his face … “the one you would give me now” I said. I almost slapped myself in the face after I said that, I honestly didn’t know how it came out I guess I wasn’t controlling my speech anymore. He said nothing; turned off the TV and asked if I liked the ice cream. I told him looking away yes, I liked it, vanilla is my favourite flavour. He requested I looked at him and i obliged. Right about now there was no space between us. He was saying things on things and I couldn’t help but stare at his lips, flushing with pink, he licked them at intervals I guess it’s his habit but it left his lips shinning. I so wanted them and as if he could hear me he leaned towards me and kissed me; not on my lips but my nose. It was strange , I was disappointed but I guess I should have waited 3 more seconds before feelings came in because he kissed my eyelids too, first the right, then the left (my eyes were shut now). He dragged his lips from there through my face to my cheek and landed a soft kiss on the right and slowly brushing through my lips on to my left cheek. I let out air from my lips as I gushed a light moan, now I knew for sure he was teasing me and he was really good at it too. He went for my ears but only to deliver a couple of words through whispers “please leave now or face the consequences of staying”  ……..


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