He warned me (part 3)


Part 3

I was awoken by Tomiwa’s lovely manly voice telling me all he really wanted now was for me to cum for him again. Again????? ‘Is he high on something? That is almost impossible’ I thought to myself, but what are thoughts when every muscle in your mouth becomes paralyzed. He proceeded to ask me ‘ tomato, wouldn’t those be better if they were off?’ (looking strangely at my panties) there was no real objection from me as I let him slide down my panties exposing my pretty wet honey pot with equally wet phat lips and scattered strands of hair. It was time for the last piece of clothing to go off and that was his briefs. I knelt just in front of him as I slowly dropped his briefs I dropped them to his ankles but couldn’t take my eyes of the prize as my mouth also refused to close. His beautiful cock was more than worth the wait, well over 7 inches, staring at me in the face perfectly constructed with veins running through like the roots of a mahogany tree you could almost feel it pulsating. If there was any chance I was getting dried up this instantly curbed that and I felt the trickles of my juices. If I had any earlier doubts about this bad ass, it was all casted in the shadows now. His cock; so bold, gracefully capped and muscled thick. If I wanted to play my way from not cumming again I was staring at the one thing I shouldn’t let into me because it has the ability to work its way through to every nerve ending and places where fingers wouldn’t reach. Tomiwa led me up from my knees to the chair and turned me over with my face down in one fast move. The gentleman for some reason had the bad ass look in his eyes as he slid a throw pillow under me around my pelvic region and I liked the look in his eyes I was more excited than worried. He took me from behind as he slowly, very slowly delved into my stream of juices with his well constructed cock-cap. It stretched me as the rest of his cock parted my sleek lips enabling him to go deeper and deeper the more time he took the more pleasured I got. ‘oh yeah’ he gushed as he continued to fill me up one inch at a time … ‘oh yea .. fuck .. oh fuck’ I gushed as he was reaching deeper and deeper the moans were soft and under my voice but the feeling was over the top as I was taken by the handsome young man. I tried to hold on to the sofa but there was no escaping. The feeling was literally fulfilling as he filled me up completely with his soldier saluting every inch of my jelly suite after he trooped in majestically. He leaned to slightly bite my ears and said; ‘I love you wet’ he withdrew from me as slowly as he delved in, he withdrew completely out of me and almost immediately went back in not as slow this time but equally satisfying. I moaned as I welcomed all of him into me for the second time in quick succession and I knew he was there to stay this time. He slowly withdrew not completely this time before going back in a little faster now. He stretched my pussy walls and my juices kept flowing. My tight pussy became very much accommodating this kept on going for a little while before he increased his speed and purpose with every thrust. He rammed me from behind as every thrust became harder and more intense. I felt his thighs slam my butt with every thrust he took in. We were exchanging loud moans now and it was pretty routine. ‘oh fuck me! .. damn .. oh shit .. fuck me baby … omg … harder’ I yelled as he slammed in harder and harder. He was dominating me now, he pinned me down to the sofa with my ass up in the air he rammed me faster and harder and I could feel the monster raging what a two sided young man could be cool and gentle or wild and rough but both had one purpose which was to please me and it was achieved perfectly. Oh shit .. oh yeah .. omg .. common .. I kept crying out he continued slamming into me and I couldn’t even guess where the energy was coming from. He was banging me in doggy now and I was so damn wet. I could feel my juices trickle down my thighs it was incredible. He kept slamming harder now the thrust-outs were shorter and I knew he was building up in me, he wouldn’t last much longer as his moans became groans and he held me tighter. His cock was constantly in romance with my g-spot and that, like it would to any other girl, sent me over the edge. I cried out in utmost pleasure and we were both giving deeper moans now. Moans were in unison, splattering juices all over I absolutely loved his domination as much as I loved to be in control. His thrust were even harder now and I imagined 6 or 7 more thrusts then he’ll be all warmed up in me. One .. two .. three .. and then he pulled out. Panting heavily and with some kind of concentration on his face he was trying not to cum. He sat on the chair and told me to sit on his face. From pleasure to pleasure I wasn’t sure I could have that but I sheepishly obeyed. In only a matter of seconds my thighs wide apart I was sitting on his face. He applied little kisses before going straight for the kill. He introduced his tongue smartly and it went straight into that juicy warm hole the tenderness drove me wild .. coming from a wild hard bang this was exactly what I needed how he knew that .. I still have to figure it out. I held his head as I swung mine backwards. He flicked his tongue through a straight path from my wet hole to my throbbing clits consistently but gently. He took my clits in his mouth in one deep suckle and I almost jumped off him. I was going to die I thought or maybe I died and I was only in heaven at  least that was how it felt. He continued with tongue tornadoes on my clits as he whirled around effortlessly. I almost cried out and moans were louder “oh yeah … arrrgh … yea … ooohhhh… fuck … fuck …”  I could feel another orgasm building but then he stopped and told me to ride him just how I liked it. This young man just absolutely knew me!. He gently lowered me onto his cock, and parted my pussy lips slowly while I controlled the speed at which I wanted to be fucked. This was simply the perfect way to add gloss to the afternoon. I continued to lower myself slowly until he was all in me and as it has been all afternoon I was filled up. I rode him as I wanted to slowly, round and round, in semi circles, front and back, but all in that regular slow pace. We both moaned in pleasure before I skillfully increased the pace and he loved it as he responded with thrusts of his own my throbbing pussy was begging to be fucked. He met my moans with deeper thrusts and it was like when I lowered I controlled it but when I lifted that ass up he slammed into me, shared responsibility leads to utmost pleasure. His moans were deeper and I was lost in the eyes of this beautiful man as our eyes met and gaze stood still but slams and rides kept  going at a frantic almost like it was the end of the world, like there would be no next time. Juices flowing out of me like never before and I knew in no time I was going to let another orgasm fly well deservedly so too. I lowered myself into him fully and I whined around the cock round and round. He moaned louder now and breaths were deeper, I loved the fact that he was at my mercy now. I kept grinding my juices out leaving his cock in deep, warm and throbbing. I knew I was cumming soon, him too. Tomiwa help my boobs and was gripping tighter as I fucked him harder “oh shit … oh yeah … oooohhh … fuck it .. fuck it … fuckkkkkk … oh damn!” he held my butt now and tried to control the pace. He succeeded and it didn’t go any slower. It felt even better as he closed his eyes I knew he was lost in the moment ‘oh god im gonna cum’ he said .. ‘cum inside me baby’ I replied. I was going to come too and every thrust felt perfect, more precise than ever. My muscles contracted and I was cumming after the spasm. He wouldn’t stop though as he was cumming too. He literally fucked my cum out of me as he splattered his warm, thick, sticky fluid deep into me in one loud moan, he kept fucking harder like there was more and I was almost crying in pleasure now. He was fucking the cum out of me I wasn’t built for so much pleasure but I was too lost to get off that cock. I could feel his cum trickle down my walls along with my juices and the heavy breathing became lighter. For me, cumming the way I did was blissful. He kissed me and it was deep and affectionate then we laughed. We managed to drag ourselves to the bathroom. “You’re really a dirty boy”; I said to him, 2nd bath in 2 hours. He both laughed and said .. “somehow, you are responsible for both of them” we both laughed as I ran the showers. Was that the beginning of something else? .. well, that’s for later … he was so gentle, so sweet , yet could be a total bad ass. He warned me though! But that’s one warning I don’t want to heed too. Friday the 13th wasn’t so scary after all.



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