That unforgettable Quickie

The office was pretty boring today, Most of the work was taken care of earlier in the week leaving me with nothing much to do other than stare at my computer screen and browse for new shoes and bags online. Getting animated in my office I decided to pick up my mobile phone and hope instagram could provide me with some excitement. It wasn’t long before I realised even instagram couldn’t help me. It was as if there was an instagram holiday or maybe I just followed boring people. I dropped my phone. My computer, now back to desktop. Highlighted the brand logo of the company I work for. I decided to pick up my phone again but this time resorted to music. Loud music locked in my head with the aid of my earphones. I nodded to sounds by M.I and Ycee trying to get my groove on and get out of this incredibly boring situation I found myself in. But after a few songs I was so bored I could hear every lyric. Just when I thought of playing candy crush my music was interrupted by a loud notification sound. I could almost say WTF out loud. It was BBM. I dropped my notification panel to check who it was and guess who? Dotun! His office was just across the floor. The offices here, made of glass and they are transparent too. I immediately gestured to him; the regular open palm first three fingers straight and the other two slightly curled in and accompanied by that “I am not understanding” face. I met his smile though! Dotun, indisputably the most handsome man in this company. Dark skinned, bearded, nice set of teeth. Great body! The ladies always wait for when he has to work under pressure. He takes off his blazers and rolls up his sleeves. Oh God! He is just every girls dream! He has amazing brains too. He is simply that hot chocolate everybody wants to have a taste of. Somehow though, he has managed to keep things very professional. I don’t know how he does that though. Although we know he is a great guy! Outside work, he is very funny and playful but like I said he likes professional so we don’t see him often outside work! He replied through a text on BBM “ikr?” But you’ve been looking very animated I couldn’t help but hit you up, I am bored myself” “stop feeling like Einstein I am not so bored” I replied, attached to that text was a smirk emoji from me. “Hey, maybe I’m not Einstein but you know I’m not wrong on this one, so you can either choose to text about anything of everything or keep up your girl act and wallow in your boredom” ; he texted! “you can be so cocky sometimes you know that right?” “I am bored can I at least be cocky *big grin* and yeah I’ld take it that you’ve admitted to your boredom and you would like to text now” he won! I just typed “smh” I looked up and he winked at me! He can be annoyingly cute sometimes. We   ended up talking about work and how we would never be overzealous on Mondays and Tuesdays ever again. He joked about our mutual boredom. Then he sent me a text .. saying let’s play a random game “I’ll give you two closely related options and you have to pick one no matter how closely related they are” I was bored, I was going to try anything! It started easy though .. like every other talk. Options like “wine or vodka” “e-books or hardcopies” “comedy or romance” then it started getting personal like “thongs or full panties” “Quickies or classic long love making” “head with fingers or head without fingers” initially there was a resistance from me but it caught me at a bad time. So I answered everything and we talked about a few more. Coming from a guy who likes his professionalism, I want Dotun to be bored often. I laughed a lot and was enjoying our little game, creating our own fun! Moving away from the game now, he talked about how he found me to be attractive. He was quick to point out that even though I looked very beautiful and dressed well. It was my ability to read and analyse situations that got him attracted to me. I sent him the “blushing” emoji and nothing more. Even though I wanted to type a full paragraph of how every part of him attracts me to him. I just had to be the girl that I am and that can be really painful sometimes. He made a joke about a few things before he quoted my reply to “quickies or classic long love making” which was the *classic long love making*. He asked why I chose that and I told him it just feels better and probably because I have not had “so many” quickies in my life. He smiled and said quickies could be really fun. How deep, fast and hard drills could be deeply satisfying! Like “you don’t have to wait for 30 minutes for an orgasm *big grin*”; he texted and “hmmm” was my reply! This was not in anyway professional but I didn’t mind it! He kept talking about how thrusts would be more purposeful and precise and how bites could be painless and how standing and leaning forward could be effortless! It was getting to me now because I was really thinking about it. My hand roaming round my neck and my thighs were shut tight. He kept talking about how wet I would get in minutes and how much I would like it and all. I really forced my fingers to type the word STOP then closed my eyes to click on the send key. He smiled and asked. How often do you make photocopies in the Utility room? “I almost never go there, I just ask Tayo to help me with it”. Although I know my way down there but nobody really goes down there anymore. There are photocopiers on every floor and in almost every office. You can also recover files from your system, who needs all those many hardcopy files. I looked up to check his office and he wasn’t there! So I asked him “where are you?” He replied;  “leave your office, you know where to find me” and as if I was hypnotised by that text. I headed straight for the elevator and down I went. Headed straight for the utility room with fear, excitement and a stream of juices. I pushed open the door and Dotun I saw. He pinned me to the now locked door. Kissed me so very deeply and he didn’t let my hand go until I kissed him back. The kiss was precise and rough I grabbed him by his neck and he grabbed my booty as I released some more juices for him I was a little scared but I couldnt stop now! He kissed me as we moved across the pretty occupied room with book shelves, printers and photocopiers! He turned me around and I leaned forward on one of the photocopiers. He lifted my skirt to my waist before dragging my panties down. I was sooo wet and I heard him unzip his pants. His fingers found their way to my throbbing clits and fondled it. I was in between moans when I felt his Cock part my pussy lips. Oh fuck. A damn huge cock it was too. I was wet and tight and we could not have had a better feeling with the first few thrusts. He slid deep into me and rammed away. He fucked me hard while grabbing my boobs and locking my nipples. He leaned forward and bit my neck and ears and yes I felt no pain. He tapped on my butt as he kept drilling into me faster and harder with every thrust! He was really huge inside me and it felt like he grew bigger. He slammed into me faster and faster as I moaned in utmost pleasure. My heart was racing and my legs were not with the same stronghold they had as at when we started. I was so fucking wet and he was banging me really deep now. Sooo much energy! All those work out is not just for a great body afterall! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! Fuck it baby … he said pulling my hair slightly backwards and he was hitting me really deep now. Hitting chords that made me make him his favourite musical sounds and he moaned in return. Oh fuck! I let out, fuck me harder baby!! I was close and just when I thought it could not be harder he listened to my request and pounded my juices out of me. I was literally dripping now and my orgasm was just a few thrusts away and it was extremely pleasing to know he was close too. He groaned and kept fucking me with precision! Oh fuck! Yeah! Arghhh!!! Faster and harder he pounded away as I struggled to let the words “don’t stop” out under my breath he hit me harder and deeper than ever now and my legs were shaking as he pounded me to my orgasm, the first I have had in quite sometime. I noticed he gripped the back of my neck and kept slamming inside me fast. Relishing in my orgasm as he drilled me. I was brought back to earth by his deep moans and inconsistent thrusts and tighter grip as he cummed right inside me. I could feel his warm sperm swim away as he slowly pulled out of me! Our hearts were racing and we could hardly get a word out. I wore my panties, dropped my skirt, adjusted my shirt. Luckily for me there was a restroom on thesame floor. He kissed me before he let me leave. I got in to the restroom and cleaned up! Adjusted my hair and outfit in front of the mirror and couldn’t help but think about how explosive that was! I could still feel my muscle spasm down there. I headed straight back to my office and by the time I got there I saw a drink on my table with a paper tag. “Thank you”. He texted me on BBM “enjoy your drink, thanks to you I don’t have to work out tomorrow” it was awkward but I managed to reply with a smile. He texted “I want to be bored everyday” I looked up and saw him head into his office. “You’re sick” ; I replied before he texted. “Work is finally here, I gotta go” we talked more for the next few days but somehow didn’t talk about our little utility room adventure! In three weeks I was in my office when I texted him “I’m pregnant” he just smiled and said we both know that’s not true “where do I meet you” “you know where to find me” – I said as I winked at him on my way to the elevator! My name is Shade by the way! #kisses


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