It was morning and she sent me a teaser. A shirt that barely passed her waist line.
It did enough though to cover that pantie but not enough in terms of revealing to me some skin on that fine ass. Her lips were nude and her hair was rough.

I told her Mami you fine with a couple of love struck emojis. 😍😍😍

“Baby, I like the shirt and the rough hair is soo cute. I want to play with your hair but only after my hands have roamed through every inch of skin under that shirt”
she sent me a couple of love struck emoji’s and said “😍come over baby😍”

I wasn’t her next door neighbour she knew I was at least 2 hours away. But then I teased

“come over or cum over or maybe both” I would like to come over then we could cum all over.

‘Haha nice’ she said.

We could make it nicer I replied!

I could tap that ass and bite that neck. Finger you ever so skillfully while I eat you away.

She said “please😩:|:'(“

but I continued … I could look you into your eyes and tell you how much I love how wet you’re getting for me But also tell you that .. there’s one thing I love more and that is “what you are to me” and remind you of how I don’t want to lose you.

She replied with love struck emojis again 😍😍😍

and I continued …. I want to remind you that I don’t want to lose you before I disappear back to eating duties hold your hand with one hand and raising your booty with the other. Pull you into my mouth and let my tongue wander. Let my lips wrestle yours and my tongue delve into your stream of juices.👅👅👅💦💦💦

Because you’re the tastiest meal I have ever had.

“Awwwwwn 🙊 omg 😍” she replied.

Then I quoted the teaser she sent in earlier and captioned it Tease me SOME MORE.

Then I continued. I’m not trading the tastiest meal I have had for anything just yet but let me return my fingers to duties and tongue whirl on those clits some more and watch you arch your back for me as I slide two fingers in.
I go deeper and deeper slowly heading farther


my fingers emerge with shinning juices but I send them right back in. This time with more purpose and precision. Harder they drilled everytime I asked them to go back in, giving you extra pleasure increasing your desire to be FUCKED SENSELESS by me.

I thrust in harder and faster
You moan louder but better
Juices flow like a bleeding river
and I knew I didn’t want to leave you never.

Then she teased me some more and said “Fuck texting I want you here” :'(:'(:'(😍😍😍💦💦💦

“you’ld just make me pass out”


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