I was awoken by a call from Louis. We haven’t spoken in 4 days now. The last time we talked we had a fight and I have let my ego live those days for me. Although in truth I was partly at fault emmm actually mostly at fault but his reactions got me upset. I didn’t answer the phone on the first call and listened to my ring tone play out. He called me back almost immediately and I didn’t answer the phone until almost the last beep.

“Hello! .. Chioma I’m going to be at your house in 2 hours I don’t care if we have a fight but I miss you and I’m going to see my queen”

I was taken aback, I thought he was going to complain and yell and all those many things but no. He just melted my heart and before I could get a chance to say a word, he hung up!

I decided to get prepared, take a bath and put the house in perfect shape. What else could I have thought? I was so sure we were good and past our differences. I watched the clock run down knowing Louis to be a man who keeps to time I knew I would hear the bell as soon as the clock ran down to zero. I couldn’t exactly keep my calm though. I just wanted to kiss him as soon as he walked through that door.

As predicted I heard the bell as soon as the clock ran down. I opened the door and approached him with a smile but his face was nothing like friendly. Anger and disappointment written all over his face. It was the total opposite of the man who spoke so gently and softly to me over the phone 2 hours ago.

I asked; Louis what’s wrong?

“What’s wrong? Is that even a question? You think you can just switch on and off when you want? You think you can cause a fight and not apologise?  And even when I’m trying to make it work my efforts come to naught. I am pissed off at you and your stupid attitude”

I was really shocked and I struggled to get my mouth open but then he kept on ranting and I got mad too

“Why would you react like that even if I said what I said, it was pretty fucked up I know but couldn’t you understand I was mad and couldn’t just accept the apology right away….”

He cut in …

“So this is some ego game? This is a game for you?”

Argument kept going back and forth and he held me by my shoulders. I was scared for a minute. He pushed me towards the wall. Since i wasn’t exactly far out, I hit the wall pretty hard but I avoided hitting my head on the wall. He got close to me and was yelling. His lips; bouncing off each other and flushing with pink. His tongue showing it’s face rarely. I got lost like really lost. I couldn’t hear him say nothing no more. All I could think about from there on was kissing him roughly,  very roughly with bites and tongue wrestles. His eyes carried fire and I loved it. It turned me on so bad it started a fire with a burning desire in me. I thought about when to make my move and … forward I stuck my head, moved to kiss Louis and in one quick move I shut him up. I had my lips on his and kissed him fervently. He was shocked initally but when he got into his groove there was no stopping him, me, or this fire that we both just started.

The kiss was so rough, hot and wet. It was characterised by tongue wrestles and bites. I moved to jump and he caught me. Now in his arms. Legs locked around his back. We kissed some more.

“You’ve been a bad girl .. uhmm .. uhgh .. you know that right?”

“Yes daddy .. ughhh .. I’ve been bad .. I’ve been naughty .. I’ve been a very naughty and bad girl”

He dropped me back down and I moved to unbutton his shirt and unhook his belt and lower his zipper. He took his shirt off while I dropped his jeans to his ankles. The Fine man standing in nothing but boxers as he stepped out of his jeans. Amazing body! I took a good look at that body of his and it turned me on the more. I turned around for him as he unzipped my gown. I wasn’t wearing any bras. I turned around to face him with my nipples hard and perky and with me wearing only panties. He held me in his arms skin on skin and my nipples pressed against his body. Oh my breasts!! That’s where 95% of the nerves in my body are located. 70% of the 95% is definitely on and around my nipples and he knew that already. He took a step back to look at me, fire in his eyes still, no smiles nor words. He turned me around and I leaned forward with my hand gluing to the first available space on the wall.

He held me by my boobs and fondled my nipples as he kissed my back and bit my ears. He squeezed my boobs every so roughly but I could feel no pain. His fingers brushing across my nipples in continous side to side movements sent me wild and when I felt his ‘porn sized dick’ press against my ass I let my juices fly. I was so turned on and wet! He spanked my ass and I liked it. He spanked me some few more times, I jerked but felt no pain. I was only about making him his favourite juice. He turned me around and took my nipples into his mouth and I lost it. I lost it completely. He was a master at suckling my nipples and the way he skillfully combined lips,  tongue and teeth took me to another planet

“Please take me, fuck me … fuck me hard. I have been a bad girl, fuck me please” ; I cried out!

He obliged!

He pushed me to the sofa and removed his boxers before he came over to me. He tore my panties and turned me over. Ass in the air, face sunk in the sofa. He toggled and teased my clitoris.

“Ugh .. ahhh … ” I let moans fly

And since he met ready made juices he just moved to finger me. Sliding two fingers into my wet slimy jar he finger fucked me so hard, deep and fast!!! He always started slow but this time was different. There was a rage about how he took me and I loved it. He kept fingering me so fast and deep and moaned pretty loudly now

“Oh my … oh fuck .. Please please please … oh!! Fuck it arghhhh”

Louis ejected those fingers from my jar in one final thrust and beat that ass. He tapped on those butt cheeks pretty hard and the harder he beat the more juices I made for him, the more turned on I got for him. It was surreal!

He thrusted into me with his dick as hard as he could and went as deep as he could. My juices accompanied his dick all through his deep travels and whenever I thought he was deep enough he found a way to get even deeper. “Ugh .. oh shiiiit” ; he managed to groan under his breath as he held my waist and pummelled deeper into me. His thrust out was shallow though but went back in almost immediately. He got into his groove and rhythm now a fucked me harder with every thrust.

“Fuck .. fuck .. fuck
Oh yeah .. arghhh
No no .. yes yes yes yes
Oh shiii” ; I yelled

As I was taken rough and hard by this fine raging man.

He held me by my waist and pulled me into him. Our skins met and splattering juices followed that “bang”sound everytime our skins met. You can imagine how I felt his dick touch my womb whenever our skins met. It was amazing. He kept hitting me harder and harder. Fucking me with so much anger.

“Apologise to me honey
Beg me … tell me you’re sorry .. admit to me you were wrong. Tell me you’ve been a bad girl”

“oh baby .. ughhh … yeah .. I’ve been a bad girl .. fuckkk!! I’ve been naughty!! I’m sorry .. I’m sorrry .. I’m so fucking sorry baby. Oh shiii … arghhh”

He withdrew completely out of me and it felt like my soul just left my body as I lifelessly stayed there watching him clear the dinning table.

He gestured to me to come over and I didn’t hesitate. Back down on that cold table which sent chills down my spine. He slid in between my thighs and took me in that missionary position. His eyes still carrying fire but face not as mad anymore. He kissed my neck as he fucked me some more. He banged me hard and fast but not so deep and I dug my fingers into his back and locked my ankles at his waist. He drilled into me faster and harder than he had done today. He held me by my neck and looked into my eyes as he drilled into me some more. He was going to cum.

He withdrew from me and released his grip on my neck before he cummed all over my face, neck, hair and table. Moaning so loudly as he let his load fly.

I laid there motionless and somewhat confused. I had never gotted creampied before. He made his way to the bathroom. Got cleaned up and into his clothes again. I was still motionless on the table. He made his way towards the door and said;

“I’ll call you when I have forgiven you”

But I knew he had forgiven me already! He left my house with no fire in his eyes and his face stained with smiles.


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