It has not been all rosey and beautiful; I’m talking about my sex life. I have sexually repressed before recently! But yeah I couldn’t stay like that forever could I? So about 5 months ago I started dating this sweet guy. His name is Kunle. He is such a gentleman. Handsome and soft spoken I couldn’t wish for anything better.

Although we kiss and do a few other things, we don’t have penetrative sex. I explained things to him and like the gentleman that he is, he totally understood me. No pressure from him whatsoever. He is ready to wait for me for as long as I wanted him to but I also knew I couldn’t keep holding off for far too long. The way guys are, he might run out of patience soon! Gentleman or not.

It’s been going pretty great thus far though. We go out, have so much fun and talk a lot, very openly about anything and everything. He understands me and can give me what I want.

Now there’s this guy at my work place. First let me talk about my work place.  The way it is we have two floors to my department. The marketing department of the company. On each floor there are 2 teams of 10 individual 5 males and 5 females make up the 10 on each floor. Our job is simply  spelt out we provide the best methods to market our goods to the public. It’s almost like a competition. Every month each team brings an idea to the table the team with the better idea or let me rephrase. The team that the management thinks provided the best methods to solving a situation or marketing a particular good gets a higher pay. So you see why there’s competition but somehow it has not caused hatred amongst we workers or at least any hatred that I am aware of. Yeah there’s a little envy when we collect our pay cheques but isn’t that normal? Each team just gives their best to come out on top at the end of every month

So back to that guy! Tolu! Tolu is not on my team. He’s on the other team. His floor is just above mine. We see a lot though at every break we get and we go home through the same route. That means we share a fair amount of time together. He has a little charm about him but it was nothing I was going to find interest in considering my newly found love, Kunle. I wouldn’t deny though that there was tension between us and I found myself smiling when he winked at me sometimes.

Tayo’s (a colleague at work) birthday came around and the ladies basically were incharge of the food, sitting arrangements and the decorations. All the “boys” had to do was take care of the drinks and show up! We lined several events up for that night and Tayo being my very good friend you would understand why I was hyped to support and lead the way in handling these activities. At the end of the planning I was charged with the task of co-ordinating the devil’s basket. How hard could it be? I said to myself carrying a smug face. I’ll be dealing with mature minds and adults … piece of cake! I accepted the responsibility and counted down till Saturday night.

Saturday night came and it was a pretty good turn out of people and colleagues too. I thought to myself .. let’s turn up major! Events unfolded, everything was going pretty smoothly. It was time for the devil’s basket and I stood to do my ‘job’ I was all about having fun that night and since I was co-ordinating that segment, I really didn’t think there would be anything for me to do. The basket went round, the DJ did his bit and if the music stopped with the basket still with you .. you knew you were picking a paper and obeying whatever it read or instructed.

So far, so good. A few grunts here and there but everyone has been pretty mature and done everything the paper had instructed. The one I particularly found to be fun was a guy charged with the task of taking off a lady’s panties πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was really wondering what would have happened if she was wearing a trousers instead of a gown. But that’s left for my imagination to complete.

The music stopped with the basket on Tolu and there was an extra excitement from me. I just really wanted to know what he would pick and the lady he would choose. I had the idea in my head I was automatically excluded so the excitement wasn’t for myself but for him. The fine young man, pretty coy, read out “pick a girl/boy you have a crush on in this gathering and kiss her/him for 3 minutes in a case where your crush is not around pick any girl/boy and complete the task” I was a bit disappointed. It was almost the easiest task in the whole basket.

I voiced “go on .. go on, pick a girl” and he pointed straight at me! I laughed and waved my index finger at him accompanying that by .. “I am the coordinator, you can’t pick me” he smiled and kept walking towards me before the crowed echoed in different voices across different tones, pitches and languages. “You are not excluded” You can only but imagine my shock on hearing that but the devil’s basket has ran very smoothly and I had seconds to decide whether to ruin it or keep it running smoothly. The closer He got to me, the more confused I got and the less mobile I became.

My legs were rooted to that spot and I was going to say something but Tolu didn’t even ask for my permission. He moved straight at me and kissed me. Stopped after the first few seconds to check, he looked at me and had this stupid smile on his face before he held the back of my head and kissed me again. This time for longer and he wasn’t stopping. He kept kissing me very slowly like he was waiting for me to join him. He won! he broke my resolve I kissed him back and just when I was going to start enjoying myself the crowd yelled “is 3 minutes not up ni?” We quit kissing that instant .. he laughed looking at me. I didn’t even have a smile accross my face until the crowd started clapping and he dragged himself back to his seat! And that’s when everything changed.

He started texting me so much and I couldn’t wait to see him after work and all those lil things you do when you’re falling for someone. He always wanted to talk about the kiss and all but even if I craved kissing him a lot of times.  I never really showed him. I used the whole boyfriend thing to keep him at bay and he was cooperative.

There was another party though! The end of the year party at my workplace. A gathering of staff and colleagues it was pretty professional. A hall, buffet, lots of wine, round tables and slow music. I have caught Tolu’s stares more than a few times that evening and I wasn’t surprised when I saw him walk towards me

“Hey, are you okay? This party is pretty boring, do you want to get away from here? “

“Yes I am okay but no I don’t want to get away from here .. not with you! Thanks for the offer!” – I mustered every ounce of courage in my body to say that! But my face was kept fairly straight so there was no way he would know!

We talked for a few more minutes about work and colleagues and football till he looked for a random excuse to leave! But he wouldn’t leave in peace would he? He tapped my ass and walked away. I chose to believe it was unintentional and gave no reactions. The next day when we texted, he told me he tapped on my ass intentionally and that he is glad he got the reaction he had hoped for. I pretended like I didn’t know and just let it play out. We were talking really much now and texting ever so often. I knew I was getting attached to this young fine man and my boyfriend had no idea.

He invited me out for lunch one day and I decided to honour it. We had a great meal and a good talk over the food.

“My house is not really far from here you should stop by one of these many days!” ; He said

“Why don’t we just stop by now?” OMG! I didn’t know when that fell out of my mouth. “But It’s really tight I know so we could check back another time” I said that in an attempt to repair my mistake. The mistake I made because my brains were controlled by my hormones at that point in time. I had been looking at his lips all through the talk and meal! Don’t judge me,:roll: if you were about to start enjoying the kiss by this man then it ends, you would do the exact same thing!😩

He smiled, settled the bills and led me out of the resturant before we headed ‘home!’ His house smelled so fresh. It was neat too. I knew in my heart this was sooo wrong but I couldn’t just seem to leave. We talked some more before he invited me to the kitchen to come check something out for him. What a set up that was.

The moment I stepped into the kitchen, he grabbed me by my waist and kissed me. I kissed him back sooo bad without questions and I held him so tight. He pushed his body into mine and kissed me some more, I was loving every bit of the kiss. He stroked my hair, I held his. He held my ass, I fingered his back. He lifted me up and sat me down on the kitchen cabinet. He kissed my neck and grabbed my boobs, I moaned in his mouth as his hands played around my stomach and waist. He slid his hands under my gown to my thighs and went straight for my panties. Of course I was wet for him. So very wet for him actually πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ he could feel it through the panties. He played around my thighs and knees and I was loving every bit of it. He carried me back to the living room, took off my gown before placing me on the sofa. He took off his shirt and jeans. Tolu was only in a pair of boxers. I seperated my knees to allow him take his place. He kissed me some more as he pressed his hard on against my clits through my panties. He rocked very slowly .. with his dick pressing from just right under that clit to that clitoris hood and back again. The sensation was crazy. I wanted to be fucked so hard by this man! Something I have not wanted In months. I was still a bit sore so I knew it wasn’t happening today! But this was just as good and just when I thought it couldn’t get better he unhooked my bra! Took it off and held my boobs in his hands. He slid lower and took my rock solid nipples into his mouth!

Oh damn! That deep long suckle! He stroked my nipples with his fingers before letting his tongue have some more fun! Shii was crayyy and I loved it!! I was just raining juices with my head in the clouds. My eyes flew wide open when he held the band of my panties.

“Please, I don’t want to .. I’m sore” ; I pleaded!
“Who’s fucking you? Calm your tits!” ;he said

I lost control and he slid my panties to my ankles and then away from my body onto the floor. Parted my thighs and buried his head down there. His tongue went straight from my pussy hole and he filled it with his tongue. He dipped his tongue farther and I loved the feeling I moaned very softly as he tongue fucked me. Curling his tongue upwards and inwards when thrusting out so he could brush through the roof of the insides of my pussy!

“Oh fuck
Yeah baby”

I held his head when he spread that tongue and swiped from my pussy to my clit before he finished with a suckle on my clit. He lapped on my juices from that pussy to my clit over and over again .. sorry I meant .. over and over and over and over and over and over again.

“Argh .. arghh .. ohhh … yeahhh fuck
Fuck .. fuck .. fuck .. fuck .. fuck
Ohhh .. .. pleaaaseeeee!!!”

He didn’t stop and I didn’t want him to. I pulled his hair up and he slid his fingers into me. I was sooo fucking wet and so his fingers delved in “bruisefree-ly” but he couldn’t finger me so fast abd hard though but I loved every bit of it.

He kissed me and told me he was going to take a clean up now and so I tagged along. Done cleaning, got dressed and left for my house.

Tolu started texting with more intent now after he had seen the “full package” and I don’t blame him though. I would have done thesame. But I felt guilty to an extent knowing that my boyfriend has been trying not to be a freak by respecting my wishes and I almost, very nearly fucked this guy from work.

So I started texting dirty with Kunle on late nights, sending him some snoop snoop hoping he gets the message and unleashes his freak when next we see. I’m trying to cut Tolu off but it’s not exactly working.

The next time I’ll be seeing Kunle I’ll no longer be sore and I hope he can fuck my brains out. Maybe I’ll think about Tolu for a bit. But one thing I’m sure of is … the next time I’ll be here to tell you more, I would have been fucked out of my mind.


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  1. Is it weird that I found it a bit funny that he said “who’s fucking You? Calm your tits!” While he is actually playing with them.

    Amazing write by the way. I proper enjoyed reading this


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