I know it’s weird but I kinda like the idea of being raped! Not by 20 men, one will do but I just like that forceful take. Like he is in total control. No power of your own! No strength or muscle to flex. I know … “what about bdsm with a man you love?” you all keep asking that but I have tried it and he was still a little gentle, asking if he didn’t tie me up too tight. Hitting that pussy like he had all the time in the world. NO! that’s not what I want. I want that forceful take by someone who knows he is on a clock and is probably scared of getting caught but at thesame time doesn’t give a flying fuck about me, if I get bruised, if he holds me down too tight, if I enjoy it. Nothing! None of those. All he should be about is running me rugged and all about his climax. That’s all I have yearned for all my adult life .. even from my late teen years!

Although this has been in my head! I can’t exactly relate it to any more persons because of the fear of being judged and treated like a freak. I once told a guy that I really liked because I felt we were in love, he would understand my inner freak and stuff. He replied ; ” you’re sick .. like really sick” and from that moment our relationship went down like an oil rig until it hit rock bottom and we broke up eventually. So I’m not taking that risk anymore. I could tell you “oh baby faster .. hit me harder .. go deeper” that’s how far I’m willing to let my freak go. I can’t lose love because of my selfish fetish, fantasy sounds right but it also sounds beautiful. What I want is ugly!

I have been living alone for 8 months now. I got this job about a year ago and going there from my parent’s house was one hell of a journey. Marked by stress and an unavoidable negative attitude to work. I couldn’t afford to let that continue. I love the job though, and the pay is attractive, so I couldn’t afford to lose it. Moving out here to live alone is not something I have not done before. I lived alone through my third and fourth year in school. Although it’s slightly different. It was “school” it’s nothing compared to “real life”. It had not been bad though. I have enjoyed my stay! The area; more often than not, peaceful! My neighbour and landlord? Very friendly family and they were nice enough to rent out to me the self contain apartment in the compound. They look pretty rich too. State of the art appliances in their home, they use the latest gadgets and their cars? The newest models! The house was really nice and the rent was cheap compared to the quality of  the house. I was skeptical about getting it initially but then the agent told me. The kids wanted some company as the parents were not usually always available.
I got home from work earlier than usual ‘that day’, there was something about that day. My neighbours brought me breakfast,  my boss told me I was doing an amazing job, we closed early from work, there was no traffic at all, I thought to myself “today cannot possibly get better” until I got invited into my landlord’s house for dinner. “Oh lawd” I didn’t want to leave. They have a chef that cooks for them,  not a cook, like a real life italian chef! The food was amazing. They have 2 children aged 15 and 13 and they could relate well. I had a very good conversation with the family about work and relationships and the country. I had an incredibly swell time. But just like everything that has a beginning definitely has an end. I didn’t want them to show me my way out. A message came into my phone and ….

“Oh work! I have to go Ma! My boss wants me to work on something and push the email to him In 30 minutes which is not time enough to start with”
“But this was really good. Thank you so much for the breakfast and dinner. I truly appreciate it”

“Common Rebecca you know it’s nothing, it was really good having you around. I hope we can do this again some other time.”

“Definitely ma! Please make the some other time soon!”

We both laughed and I exited the house off to my apartment in satisfaction. Wild smile across my face, I was almost jumping 😂. There was no work to be done so I spent my time on instagram and twitter. My BBM didn’t come alive until one of my newly made online friends texted me to ask me what my sexual fantasy was! Of course I couldn’t tell him the truth. I just told him a threesome but the thought of being raped kept playing in my head and it was even getting my juices to line the inner walls of my cookie jar.

I was brought back to reality by a gunshot! Really loud and it seemed like it came from inside the compound “what the fuck is going on” I asked myself until I heard a loud bang on the door.

“Open up this door you piece of shit or I burn this building to the ground” ; a deep manly voice echoed!

“Oh shit this is really happening” I crawled out of my wardrobe when he started sounding offended. I opened the door for him and he slapped me with the back of his hand really hard. I sure saw stars as I spun around only to land on my bed.

Do not keep a man like me waiting ever you understand?” “DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?”

“I nodded yes”
He looked around my room and saw my laptop and ipad. He picked both of them and headed for the door before I managed to utter “please don’t take my laptop”  He looked at me and laughed and attempted to hit me again. I protected my face with my hands and lifted my right knee too. That moment changed everything.

I was wearing nothing but my night gown. Light and made of silk. The knee I rose helped reveal to him my cookie and for some reason he found it attractive. He dropped my laptop and Ipad, looked at his watch and signalled to me not to make a sound. Placing his index finger on his lips, then moved to drop his gun as he got even closer. I was scared to my bones. I couldn’t utter a word. I just pleaded with him by rubbing my palms together. Tears dropped out of my eyes when I knew he wasn’t going to accept my plea.

He laughed devilishly as he lifted me up and threw me back on the bed. I cried out but it was quickly followed by him yelling ‘shut up’. My face and upper body down on the matress and my lower body – cutting at the waist – was just opposite the wood of the bed creating a variation of doggy as he dropped his pants. I attempted to press my body against the wood so he won’t be able to pull up my gown but it was to no avail.

He pulled up my gown to my waist and pressed my head into the mattress. He parted my pussy lips with his cock and I sobbed all through that process. He was big .. like huge! I wasn’t wet I was scared he would tear me up. He kept going in .. in a pretty rough attempt to get in deep. Parting my ass cheeks at intervals and slapping them too. He got in deep and I knew there was nothing more that I could do. I relaxed my muscles and allowed myself to be taken by that man. I thought about it again and the sobbing stopped. Isn’t this what I’ve always wanted?  I asked myself and the answer meant a smile was drawn across my face and I started to get wet. It was rough and painful until my juices came to party and he noticed. Nooo .. not the smile on my face, my hair covered that! but the satisfaction in my mind as I was being rammed rugged by that man.

“You like this .. you little slut. You’re fucking getting wet for me” ; he said as he kept me pinned down and beat my ass.

He fucked me really hard, fast and deep. Like he was in a sprint race for an estate in Beverly Hills. He moaned and moaned. Louder and louder he got. He took me really well. He stretched my pussy walls and reached places no dick or fingers has reached before! It was fucking awesome. He was all about himself … his skin slamming into my ass because he wanted all of him inside me. He didn’t care if he was shifting my womb or not. He ran me fucking rugged!!! Fast! And really hard and most importantly deep. I loved the feeling it was everything I have always wanted. He slammed into me even faster now. It went like

Fassssttteeeeeerrrrrr” and at the same time “harder harderrr hardddeerrrr” he pounded his way away!!! He cummed deep inside me. Ending with a groan grabbing my hair tighter almost pulling it off. Deep inside me his sticky fluids travelled and he was done. He withdrew from me and slapped my ass really hard.

I couldn’t leave the bed or drop my gown. I just wanted him to leave. He was tall not very muscular and slim. I couldn’t see his face! He had a black mask on. But I would recognise his eyes anywhere I saw them.

I heard the door shut behind him and some minutes after my landlord and landlady came rushing in. They met me in that position and my landlord moved to drop my gown to cover my ass. My landlady sat next to me before placing my head on her thighs and was sobbing. They knew I had been raped. But what kind of victim would I be if I didn’t cry?  So I started crying and sobbing on her thighs too.

I called into work in the morning to report what happened. Leaving out the part that I was raped though. My boss so nice gave me a week to gather myself together. In two days, the police called saying they had apprehended some suspects and were pretty confident they were the culprits. My landlady informed me and we left the hospital together. After cleaning of ‘everything’ and series of tests. So many lectures on trauma and how to let things go. But little did they know this memory was one thing I really wanted to hold on to.

We got to the police station and the moment our eyes met I knew he was the one. He had this look on his face when he saw me plus for what it’s worth he is handsome too. I was going to smile and I was already getting wet at the thought although that only reminded me I was still a bit sore! Before I realised I was surrounded by people waiting for me to identify one of all the thieves as the culprit. I broke down into fake tears and pointed towards another man. There was shock on both of their faces.

One with a surprise face of “I swear I didn’t do it”
and the other with “what the fuck just happened”.

The police slapped the “new culprit” multiple times before he could protest. I walked past the “real culprit” and uttered “thank you” loud enough for him to hear. As I proceeded to put down my statement. Saving him from an extended jail time was my way of saying thank you for fulfilling my fantasy and yeah .. so I don’t forget. He left with my ipad only, he dropped my laptop for me that night!


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