I woke up on the right side of the bed today. I was clearly happy! The excitement on my face – when I opened my eyes, to be greeted by rays of sunlight beaming into the room through the small part the window blind didn’t reach – could not be hid. I have waited for today for like forever. I was going to see Martins, the love of my life. It’s been quite a while since I last saw him. I live with my family though, but that wasn’t going to be a problem. Not because I didn’t share a room, I actually do share one with my sister. My brothers occupied the other room for the children. But because I was the only one that was going to be at home. The rest of the family had a function to be at and I couldn’t help but think … I have this whole house to myself and Martins today. We are going to have sex everywhere. Living room, kitchen and bedroomsss πŸ˜‚. Yeah, bedrooms! I’ll tell him to jizz on my brother’s sweat shirt when we do it in his room! I have been begging him to give me that sweat shirt for ages now but he wouldn’t just release it. I guess that’s a fair payback!
I had breakfast late, watched Tv and waited for the family to leave. It was past noon and the family was still home.

“Mum, you guys ain’t leaving for the party anymore?” ; I asked

“Of course we are, why ask with such interest? You clearly opted to stay home” ; she replied

“it’s nothing really I just thought you guys were going far and It wouldn’t be cool if you drove so far to meet the closing stages”

“Oh dear, that’s thoughtful of you. But it’s actually not that far out. It’s only a 40 mins drive away from here!”

WTF!!! 40 MINS (of course i didn’t say that out loud) I was almost heartbroken I thought the venue was at least a 2 hour drive away from home.

Then I moved to ask;

“That means you guys would be staying out there late then”

Mum replied; “till the very end my dear”

And the joy In my heart was restored!!!

“Mummy! Mummy!! The life of the party!” ; I said as I walked away to my room.

I literally slammed myself into my mattress,  gushing out in frustration, anticipating two things that seemed to be taking forever to happen. ‘Mum and siblings should leave’ and ‘Martins to call to tell me he’s on his way here’

I decided to pick up my phone and pass time with instagram. I found out a particular page @eroticwordpress had liked a few photos of mine. I was hesitant at first. I just wanted to go on to doing other things, but there was a curious side of me that wanted to check out the page. It was only one click away! How hard could that be? I thought to myself! I opened the page and WOW! This was some 60 shades of Smith shit πŸ˜‚ . I saw 18+ on the bio though so I guess I was warned.

I really liked what I saw on the page so I followed, read a few excerpts of stories on the page. I couldn’t resist not reading them and that led me to clicking on the link on ‘his’ bio. I’m going to assume the owner of the page is male. There’s an extra sensuality that adds ;). I opened the blog and I was welcomed with “an escapade to your wandering mind” that seemed very true too. I was reading my second piece, already wet from reading the first when I heard the call out! “Andrea! come lock the door behind us” like really? How long have I been on this blog?

They were finally leaving! Sigh of relief! At least one of the ‘two’ was happening. I called Martins for the 6th time today.

“Hey boo, fam just left, when you gon be here?”

“Love, that’s great but emm in 2 or 3 hours. That’s the earliest time I can make it down there. I didn’t plan to spend so much time. Caught up with stuff!  I’m sorry! I miss you and I’ll be with you as soon as I can”

“Okay babe, the fam is gone till late night though so we still have some time to spend before they arrive. But please can you make it down in 2 hours?”

“Okay love, 2hours 15mins it is. Bye!!!” πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

“Bye” β™₯

(Hangs up) crazy dude .. 2 hours 15 mins hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Back to my only company at that time,  THE BLOG,  I continued reading the piece and it was pretty relatable. His (eroticize) choice of words is also very commendable! So I was enjoying my little escapade. My head was absolutely fucked with. My juices trickling down was the most honest compliment I could give the writer. πŸ‘

I had to get his pieces outta my head though. I needed to add my lil touches around the house. Take my bath and shave every strand of hair from my shoulders down of course. So I got to work. Dropped my phone and tried to ignore the thoughts of being with Martins. Thoughts that kept coming back.

Almost 2 hours gone, I heard my phone ring. It was Martins.

“Pumpkin, you good? I’m 30 mins away from your house please make me spaghetti, I’m kinda hungry”

“No problems love, I can’t wait to see you”


“Cheers πŸ˜™”

I dropped my phone and before I left my room it rang again. “But what did Martins forget to tell me” I thought to myself. Only to pick up my phone to see “mum calling” I just immediately assumed she was calling to tell me they arrived at the venue already and the party was going great. Only to answer the phone to;

“Where did you put your phone, I have been trying to reach you. We are headed back home already we should be at home pretty soon”

“Why? What happened? What went wrong?” I asked!

But none of my questions got answered before the line got cut off!

I was in a state of disbelief. It was something I couldn’t comprehend. I have not been that sad in a very very long time. I was disgusted and sick to my stomach, but what could I really do? Lock them out? that was rhetorical. I know I can’t do that. I went ahead to make the spaghetti though. I also put a call through to Martins.

Hey man, plans have changed! The fam would be back before you get here”

His response was pretty calm
“Why is that? Anyway what’s the plan?”

“Man! I still want to see you, so emmm, I’ll beep you then you’ld call me back. The phone would be on speaker so you say ‘hey Olivia I’m around your hood, you home? I could make a quick stop by. It would be good to see you. Although I don’t know exactly where your house is you would have to describe that to me’ … “

“That’s not a bad one at all, I think I should be scared of you, you know?” He laughed, I smiled. Then he went ahead to assure me everything would be fine. He just knew how to comfort me. But I wasn’t back to being happy.

In 10 mins, Mum arrived carrying a face painted with disgust. I asked my siblings what was up they echoed thesame words “long story” Mum went straight to her room, got changed and back to the living room. I didn’t ask her any questions because the last thing I want at that point is my angry mum. After “TV-ing” for a while and a bottle of cold water she started to explain all that happened by herself without any questions. Trust me you do not want to ‘hear’ the details. I guess that was my cue to call Martins, so I did! The plan went excellently, Martins is a brilliant liar! He added spice. I should be scared myself.

He arrived soon enough and I went to meet him at the front yard. The “stupid idiot” wanted to kiss me, not like I didn’t want to kiss him too but hey! Anybody could be watching .. I whispered in his ears when we hugged and told him to look straight at the first window by the left. He laughed and said I can’t see the person clearly but someone is definitely watching. I was so sure it was my mum. When we got into the house. My mum was back to her original sitting position. Not even 1 inch to the left or right out of place. How does she do that? I warned him earlier he had to greet properly otherwise he won’t last 30 mins in the house. He did so brilliantly and my mum responded with all smiles before battering the young man with questions of all kinds. Good for him he was doing well. I think he passed her mini interview because she asked Laura (my sister) to serve him juice and make something for him to eat. I just told my mum I’ll take care of that and I just made spaghetti which is quite enough to feed both mouths.

We went to the dining table with the “meal excuse” but I’m sure everyone knew we were not coming back to the sofas after the meal. We needed to talk at least if we weren’t going to do anything else. We talked a lot and with time just seeing him made me happy. Hours passed and it was getting dark. My mum had coughed well over a few times and talked quite a number of times about locking the door and security to “nobody” in particular. Although I understood and everyone else did too, including Martins. He knew It was his cue to leave. So he said his byes to my mum ‘properly’ and said quite loudly; “how about that house come to the car let’s go through photos of the house and how it could be remodelled” I immediately got that and said “I’ll be right there with you, let me get my notepad and my ‘book of designs’ ;)”   I am an interior designer (my mum doesn’t think that’s a job) and I have not felt better being associated with it than I feel now. I knew we would at least kiss because as always! My mum would be watching. So I walked out of the house saying the words ‘let’s make some real money’ looking at my brother. I think it worked on my mum; but she didn’t even like what I called a job so I knew she wouldn’t want me to stay out in the car too long.

Have you ever felt like you finally understand why they say everything happens for a reason? A week ago the street lights; one to the left and the other to the right of my house got spoilt and we were all complaining and saying all sorts. What if I told you in between those two dead light poles was where Martins parked. That dark patch, and it was just perfect.

I joined him in the car and there were no long talks. I went straight for his lips.
His lips ever so succulent, small but cuuute. I could kiss them for days. He took my lips in his mouth as he held the back of my head. He adjusted his seat, having it lean backwards so I joined him. Sat on this thighs and kissed him some more. He is such a great kisser. The way he introduces his tongue and uses his lips is just incredible. He knows the perfect time to switch between lower and upper lip. Those deep lip suckles and soft bites with those lips pulled. It’s just amazing!!! The kiss intensified and I was getting pretty wet and horny. He unhooked my bra and pulled down my bra straps. It continually occurred to me that my mum was watching and all this would have to be is one long hot kiss!


Well, Martins had other plans. He held my boobs like he dreamt about it all day,  cupping ’em softly before squeezing ’em just how I like it. His thumbs fondling my nipples; he toyed with ’em rolling round in circles before toggling them from side to side.

“Ugh .. ugh .. ugh … ” were the only sounds I could let out. And to think my clothes were still on.😩 he was killing me.

He continued to toggle them from side to side real fast and squeezed those boobs hard at intervals. He kissed me roughly and I got real wet for him. He didn’t stop until my nipples were so hard and perky. He could see them through my silk gown.

Then my phone rang! It was mum, I looked at my phone in disgust, turned to Martins and said spoiler alert. Then I answered the phone.

“Mum, I know, I know .. won’t I come in? I’m trying to make some real money here! I would be in soon!”

“can’t he mail it to you or something?

“Really mum? I can see live photos here why should I settle for a mail! We’ll soon be done! I’ll be in soon”

“Hangs up”

I looked to Martins and said;

Man I really gotta go in real soon. My mum could come knock on these windows! She’s crazy like that!

He said nothing and went to the back seat. Gestured to me to come. I wanted to protest but I just couldn’t.  I wanted it as much as he did. So I joined him and we immediately picked up from where we left off. He was so hard on. He kissed my neck, ears and pulled my hair. He lifted my gown to my waist and pulled off my panties. I unhooked his belt and dropped his trousers to his knees. I was really close to ‘chickening’ out, thinking about what my mum would do if she caught us in this position. All my doubts were cleared when I felt his fingers nibble on my Clit!!


“Oh no, please don’t” ; I said in my head

But it wouldn’t stop the feeling that followed. His thumb teased, nibbled on and rolled round and round on my clit.
Before his other fingers joined the party swiping my hard throbbing clit from side to side. Real fast, I mean fasttt

“Oh my ..
Oh shit
Don’t stop baby … “

and no he didn’t stop! He went at it harder and I rained juices for this fine man. And just when I thought I should check my moans! He slid two fingers deep into my wet silky cookie jar. My head was literally in the clouds. He knew I loved to be fingered. That is my greatest foreplay weakness. And of all times to use that against me, he chose now?  😩😩😩. I was helpless there was absolutely nothing I could do from here! I was his bunny.

He went in real fast hard and deep!! Brushing through the roof of my jar as he did. I was dripping with honey juices and making music with my moans. He was loving it.

“His fingers in deep .. oh shit .. oh shitttt
Faster he went … deeper still and he didn’t slow down …

I couldn’t take it any longer,  I wanted that dick. I slid his boxers to his ankles and sat on that monster cock! He’s huge but thank God I was really wet, almost pouring juices actually! My jar needed to get accustomed to that monster so it took a while. Pulling my insides out with every thrust-out. That’s how big he was. I started real slow. Riding him the way he liked it. The satisfaction I got from having my warm wet jar filled up after dreaming about it all day Is totally Indescribable.

I rode him a little faster now, giving that dick access to reach even deeper places. I got wetter for him as he squeezed my boobs and let out soft moans. We didn’t have all the time in the world so I switched up the gear. I rode him really fast. Almost like I was fucking him, my hands on his chest and swung my head backwards as I kept going at this. Real fast and hard.

“Oh fuck
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Arghhh” …. moans I let out as I rode this beautiful cock. Martins wanted more action. He gestured to me to be in the reverse cowgirl position that way he had access to control the pace too and to fuck me like the beast he could be! And how well he took it.

I bounced off that cock so well, letting all of his dick into me. Our skins kissed numerous times making sounds like those of clapping hands only that there was a little twist to it. I was raining juices for him and his crotch was painted with my juices. He slapped my ass cheek real hard one time and I never thought it would make me react the way I did. I felt no pain!!! It instantly made me bounce off that cock faster and harder.

“Oh my
Oh yeah
Oh .. oh .. oh..
Ahhh ” … moans I let out.

He took the reigns and moved his hips to meet with mine so that way every thrust was harder and even deeper. Oh! How well he fucked me. I knew he was close. He smashed into me with real energy. Grabbing my waist still at one point and kept slamming into me!


Fuck .. fuck .. fuck .. he yelled out but didn’t stop hitting that pussy as well as he could. His moans got deeper and he started talking real dirty to me. I knew he was really close now.

He hit me real hard now. Let go of my waist and slammed my ass cheek again as he kept driving into me with real vigour. His passion met my speed and we made an incredible connection. Oh fuckkkk this was awesome.

Fuck baby
Fuck baby
Keeo going
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeahhhh
I’m gon cum baby
I’m gon cum baby” he groaned out.

‘I got pills’ .. I thought to myself

This dick too good to leave now. “Cum inside me baby” all of it.

“Oh yeahhh

He slammed harder than he had all night and he poured all of it inside me. I rode him slowly until his moans reduced to hard shallow breaths .. then to soft inaudible words. I got off that dick and I felt it one last time. I passed him a tissue from the front and used some myself. I dropped my gown, readjusted my bra, Kissed him real deep one last time. Then told him to call me as soon as he got home safe.

I left the car, I noticed my mum drop the window blind, that was my cue to hide my smile and act a stressed face. She got the door and wanted to start complaining but my face told her off. I just went straight to the showers and wore a bigger smile than any I have worn all day.

‘They say there’s light at the end of the tunnel’ in this case! “There’s excitement outside every dark patch” 😁😁😁

I slept like a baby!


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  1. Loool African mums. I love this story so much, eeminds of when i was still living with my parents😁. Your descriptions are so vivid nd wild! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’


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