Working out, keeping fit was not always my thing but common the world has changed radically. Everybody likes slim, skinny is the new cool. How annoying, what’s wrong with some flesh uhn? I don’t get it. But hey! I’m not big or plus size I just feel people shouldn’t be judged based on size. Fat Amy .. the actress, she has an incredible personality but it must have taken a whole lot of courage for her to be where she is right now. Slim people have that part of their life covered. They don’t have to deal with being called fat or being told they can’t have super sized fries.
But anyway, here I am in the gym with my super sexy instructor. He’s black and funny, he likes playing a lot. He has this great set of teeth and these strong arms. Oh his thighs, I can’t really stop admiring him can I? Actually! I like him! Asides from having all those attributes he’s a complete gentleman. Now why wouldn’t I love to keep fit? Absolutely no reason.

The gym opens at 6 normally but this day I was up early so I decided to text Marcus, yeah! We exchanged phone numbers sue me. Although it was under the false pretence of him keeping me up to date with new apps and routines. This man is hooot! I almost had no choice.

We were texting and he was telling me about much work he had to do till his colleagues arrived later. Jim and Harry – the other instructors – aren’t coming in till 7:30. I told him about how good he can be in his own and how confident he should be about doing a nice job. It’s something he loves doing, it’s only for an hour and a half he’ll do just fine. He was glad, and felt much better then he thanked me. I traded him afterwards “or should I come over earlier to help you out”

“I wouldn’t mind, I’m gon be at the gym from 5, you could show by 5:15” ; he said

I laughed and said; “hey man, I was only teasing, you’re my instructor how would i instruct other people. I know very little compared to you. But I’m sure you’ll do fine”

He sent in a disappointed face and texted that he had to go now, gotta prepare to make the gym.

All I could think about was getting prepared and meeting him up at the gym by 5:15. I know … I know I was actually just teasing till it became real. I didn’t realise all that could happen just the both of us alone in the gym until we stopped texting. The thoughts kept lingering in my mind and my “hoeself” just wanted to go get some dick. But my other self just kept repeating what if he just sees you as a very normal girl who likes to hit the gym.

“My hoeself – you’ve got the tits and ass”

“Other self – a lotta girls who use that gym have got tits and ass”

“My hoeself – well I bet he bangs a few, I could be one”

“Other self – really? 😏”

“My hoeself – yeah really!”

Both of you just shut up!!! I have a decision to make here. It’s half past 4 already.

“My hoeself – when last did you have a dick up in that pussy?”

“Other self – does it matter?”

“My hoeself – lol, does it matter? Baby girl, this dude black. I heard they got some huge dicks and stuff and he’s got em muscles and stuff his stamina’s gon be crazy! You really want to pass?”

“Other self – are you even considering the fact that he may not want to smash?”

“My hoeself – oh baby, nobody would turn your fine ass down!”

“Other self – I give up!”

And that was how I made the decision to go meet Marcus at the gym. It’s not so far out from my place. It’s only a 5 mins walk. So I took a cold bath, wore a nice cologne. I got on my sweatshirt with no bra on and yoga pants with no panties on. I played the scenario over and over again in my head and agreed it won’t be so bad. What is the worst that could happen? I change gyms? That’s workable.

And outside the gym doors I was. Trying to look inside but only the light at the back was on. That must be Marcus I thought. The door was ajar, so I just let myself in. Almost tip-toeing so I wouldn’t have to create unnecessary noise. I was only a few steps away from this fine man. His shirt was off, just on shorts. He was stretching just at the corner

Ahem” .. clearing nothing from my throat. He was startled initially. Turned around to see me and said “I knew you would come” I was like WTF in my head” I couldn’t get myself to speak before he continued. I see the way you look at me. Your wild smiles at every touch. You laugh at all my dry jokes. But you’re too lost in looking at me that you miss the way I look at you. I have always had a thing for you. I couldn’t have anything except a wild smile across my face I was pleased to know this man had taken interest in me and I could feel my hoeself jumping in joy. 

He walked up to me stretching forth his hand and I moved a few steps forward to grab it. He pulled me into him and held me really tight. Myself lost in that muscular body I felt really comfortable. He brushed down my hair and kissed my forehead; just then i was thinking this was going to be some hot romance and long lasting sex. He spanked and grabbed my booty sending me mixed signals. I was taken aback by the sudden booty tap and grab, but I liked the way it made me feel. I couldn’t wait to be all his.

He pulled me away from his body and planted a short but wet kiss on my lips. He looked to me as if to get confirmation raising his brows leaving that cute crease on his forehead. I didn’t reply with words but I guess he got the message. He led me to the inclined bench press, 

slid off my yoga pants and left me reclining on the bench. He walked close to me … got really close his legs in either side of the bench. His shorts were right in my face. I could see the bulge and hmmm it was attractive. He smelled nice too. He stepped back took off his shorts and wooow! The biggest dick I’ve seen in my life, nah it doesn’t include the ones from porn and it happened to be my first black one. I was literally drooling i couldn’t wait to have him all in my mouth. I couldn’t wait to tease this pink cap with my tongue and I went at it right away. I left the bench and straight to my knees right in front of this big man waiting to worship his huge cock. Big black bold, thick and quite lengthy too I’m definitely getting my womb fucked today. 

I took his cock very slowly into my mouth, shagging his shaft with my hand. I let my tongue roll around his cap before letting his cock drive through my tongue headed for the highway to my throat. He moaned and held my head as my lips closed on that huge monster and mouth fucked that cock. I played with his balls as I shagged on his shaft some more and he loved everybit of it. The already big cock got bigger in my mouth and he held my head and fucked my mouth. He was going really fast and it now with shallow fast thrusts. I tried to get my teeth out of the way so he had maximum pleasure. He went in deep this one time and held my head in place. He was dimming right in my mouth. Oh fuck! I had never swallowed cum before but he told me to do it and I didn’t have much of a choice. My pussy was throbbing already and I wouldn’t let one cum swallow get in the way of a great fuck. My hoeself agreed. I took it all in, swallowed every bit of it. He held my hair through all of it. And his moans and groans. It was the sexiest voice I’ve heard that a man had. 

He led me back to the inclined bench. He dragged my ass to the edge of the seat and told me to lay back. He spread my thighs and kissed them. So very softly you would feel as though it just drizzled past. It sent me wild. The sight of his cock made my pussy throb but these deft finger touches and soft kisses got me really wet. So wet I told him to skip the head and just fuck me. 

He took me to the thread mill, parted my legs. I bent over and held on to the ‘handles’ for support. This black man was hard on again like he had not even cummed once today. Shit was crazy I knew I was going to be rammed rugged. He passed his fingers from behind and played around my clit like he had the whole day. Started really slow teasing in circles and my juices wouldn’t stop raining then he switched up on me like he had to finish in some record time. The sudden switch brought about a foreign excitement. One I have not felt before. The sudden rush of take me now ‘tallied’ with the volume of juices dribbling down my thighs. I moaned as though I was being fucked crazy not because i wanted to but his brilliant expertise left me no choice.

He pushed me further forward, and guided me to resting on the board. The equipment was off so there was no need to worry about buttons pressing. He spread my ass cheek and dragged his huge cock – which had grown quite bigger from when I initially saw it – through my pussy from my clits to just after that beautiful hole dripping with an uncontrollable juice flow. I moaned in excitement as my heart leaped at what was coming. His huge cock parted my pussy lips and I could feel every part of that pink cock cap as it strove to get in on that wet pussy. My juices were of little help when his shaft tried to get in. Pussy’s tight, not entirely my fault is it? but hey that dude’s huge too. His moans matched mine when his cap finally settled in but the moans I let out for him while he was trying to get the whole of his cock settled in could not be matched. He spread my ass cheeks and went back and forth giving me extra pleasure. The feel of his cock on my insides were just deeply satisfying. He kept thrusting in and out slowly and my pussy let out more juices and became more and more accommodating in response to this huge dick’s calling. He groaned in appreciation and with every thrust in went in further and further. My heads were in the clouds. The feeling of this huge cock driving through the rough silly roads of my pussy highway was incredibly awesome. 

“Oh yeah … oh yeah! He moaned” and I moaned with beautiful sounds of “argh oh yeah. … ummm … ohhh yeahhh .. ohhh”

I couldn’t thank my hoeself enough for this decision. Just when I thought I was having it real good, this man rammed all of his beautifully sculptured tool of optimal pleasure into me and I swear i felt it hit my womb. I moaned in ecstasy as I got rammed over and over again by this black man. 

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” 

I yelled as this man held me by my waist and pulled me into his cock leaving all of him inside me. Over and over he went. Drilling me hard, fucking me crazy, taking me to heights and leaving me wild. I loved every bit of it.

He fucked me hard complimenting me repeatedly

“Oh shit this pussy great .. oh this pussy the shit .. oh I fucking love this pussy”

He hammered into me as fast and hard as he could

“Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Oh yeah



Harrrrdddeerrrr and fucking faster he went.”

I couldn’t take much of this anymore, the faster, deeper and harder he went. The closer I got to cum island. He brushed through and through those wet silky super sensitive walls of my pussy and tingles were sent to not just my spine but my fingers and toes. I couldn’t hold this in any much longer. 

“I’m close baby .. I’m close” … I uttered under my breath

Wait for me baby” he groaned he wanted us to cum together. 

He kept hitting me harder and faster. Pulling me into him with incredible strength marked by passion.

“A few more strokes baby” … the sound of that sent me over the edge. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I was literally marching on the thread mill while I felt my soul leave my body. I let my juices fly 

Arghhhh” …. “Oh fuuuucccckkkk yeahhhh” it was rugged but beautiful. and in between my beautiful dreams was rugged ramming and deeper drills. He was cumming too. 

Arghhh … arghhhh … ooooooh fuck!!!!” He yelled out complimenting my moans as he let his fluids dribble through.

It was beautiful! I had not experienced something like that ever. And trust me it’s not one memory I’m letting slide anytime soon. He kissed me! And asked; “how exactly am i supposed to hold this gym down in the next hour with the number of people coming through? … You sapped all my energy” 

“just the same way you held me down big man” ; I responded 

I used the toilet, stepped out only to tell him I’ve worked out enough for the week. See you next week Marcus. He just smiled and watched me leave. 
I looked out to see a beautiful morning! I thanked my “hoeself” and knew I was heading home to make a great breakfast and have an amazing sleep. I was really rammed rugged I could still feel ‘her’breathe. Thanks Marcus!


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