I was frustrated. After planning a movie date with my friend for over a week, she decided not to show up. I’d just gotten out of a bad relationship and really needed this. I’d been so busy with work and hardly had any time to socialize and fun sounded really strange. When I got to the cinema, she called to say she wouldn’t be able to make it again. Really? Who does that? I wanted to cancel but I’ve really been looking forward to it. I went through the lists of movies and there was 50 shades darker. I had seen 50 shades of grey and It’s one movie that always perks me up. I could only imagine what a darker version of grey would do to me.

I joined the queue for tickets one which had only a handful of people. Although the movie wasn’t premiered yesterday or a week ago, I still kinda expected a ‘crowd‘ on the queue. I guess everybody is too busy having the real thing while the few lonely ones are here to feed our imaginations. On the not so long queue though, a couple of more people joined up after me but that was not what caught my attention. 

Just after a few persons in front on me was a tall, dark handsome guy. There was something about him that just seemed to have held my attention. I looked to see if he was there with a girl but it didn’t seem that way. This is totally the worst time to think about a guy .. I told myself .. so I took my mind off him. He left immediately after getting his tickets and a few persons after, I got mine too.

There was still half an hour to the movie so I went to the arcade to play some games. Just to keep my mind and body occupied. To my surprise Mr. TDH was there too. He was throwing balls through a hoop. I got lost staring at his lips. They looked so soft and absolutely kissable. I ditched the game and left. I’m not getting caught up in any boy drama anytime soon and definitely not now. 

I was a couple of minutes late and I had hoped to find a great seat for a good view. To my surprise-even if the movie wasn’t sold out – The corner at the rear end was not taken. As a matter of fact only I could only spot a few bodies at the rear end of the really dark hall. Only one person on the last seat. I dragged along my popcorn and made my way to the corner. Looking at the screen all the way not minding the person I literally held on to for support when I almost completely lost my footing. 

The movie went on and on and after a while, the sex scenes started getting to me. An image of Mr TDH flashed in my head and I imagined how it would feel if he had me pushed against a wall with blindfolds giving my pussy a good pounding. I could feel my panties getting soaked. I was wearing a gown and a lacy gstring. My hand eventually found it’s way inside my panties I started playing with my clit while watching the movie. I placed my popcorn at the arm of my seat in an attempt to block out any viewers, I particularly had the person on the same row with me in mind even If ‘he‘ was a few seats away. I tried to be as subtle as possible at first but I eventually forgot where I was and started to push two fingers into my pussy. I tried to stop myself from moaning though I wasn’t sure I was doing that successfully. 

I could feel myself almost climaxing and my eyes drifted shut. A few seconds later, I felt a hand remove mine and replace it with three long fingers. I opened my eyes in shock and saw that it was the person next to me – chill, WTF!! next to me? How? When did this person get so close? – those questions were left unanswered. I couldn’t see too clearly and didn’t really care about anything other than cumming at that moment. 3 fingers fucked me hard and a thumb rubbed my clit. I just grabbed on to the hand till my climax hit me hard. When my senses came back, I felt really embarrassed. I didn’t dwell on it for long though before he carried me and sat me face front in his lap. Is this man crazy? I told myself carrying the facial expression of do you know where we are?

My gown had buttons going down the front. He unbuttoned the front and slipped his hand inside. I turned around and saw that it was Mr. TDH. His luscious lips were right next to mine and I couldn’t resist. I kissed him and he kissed me back hard. One hand held the back of my head and the other hand was in my bra playing with my erect nipples. My nipples had always been my weakness so what he was doing was driving me insane. His hands went down and he tore the bottom part of my Gstring giving him unhindered access to my pussy. One hand went back to fondling my boobs. 

I couldn’t sit still. I started grinding my ass against him. I could feel his erection hard against my ass and I just had to have it in my hand. I sat on the arm of the chair and made quick work of his button and zip. The gift I unwrapped was impressive. It was big and long and had a curve that I was pretty sure would hit my g-spot. But first, I sat back in my seat and and leaned into his crotch to take him in my mouth. I teased him by running my tongue round the head of his dick till he just grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. When he was almost cumming, he stopped and dragged me back to my former sitting position in his lap. 

He pulled me down hard on his dick. I was right about it hitting my g-spot. I couldn’t hold back a shriek. He used one hand to cover my mouth and pull my head back and the other hand was in my bra. He was a boob man and I wasn’t complaining. My nipples were loving the attention. I started bouncing on his dick and he was thrusting upwards to meet me.  He said ‘shit‘ in my ear and his husky voice was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard. It didn’t take long for me to cum again. I could feel myself squirt for the first time ever in my life. My legs were shaking from the intensity of my orgasm. 

After about 5 more thrusts, he pulled me off his dick and came into something. I’m guessing a handkerchief. I felt so stupid. I had completely forgotten about protection. I wasn’t exactly thinking straight. But I definitely didn’t regret that. 

I sat back in my seat and adjusted my dress. My pant was ruined. The movie was far gone but I didn’t care. I got more than I expected and I definitely was in way better spirits. I turned to him. 


‘Hey’ he said in that incredibly sexy voice. 

‘I don’t even know your name’



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