Cold day this Tuesday was, as Justin and I chatted away in an attempt to pass time while waiting for our three other friends. They were all coming over to my hostel together. It was a regular gathering every Tuesday evening. The hitch for today was explainable though; they had this professor fix a test ignoring the naturally rigid nature of the time table. They were no classes set for any time past 6 o’clock but this radiology professor set the time for the test as 7 pm. There were a few protests in the classroom when it was announced earlier but common it’s Prof. Felix they all knew in one corner of their minds that the date or time wasn’t going to change. So that left just me and Justin at my house. I live alone no roommates.

We are a group of 5 friends, popularly dubbed the craziest clique in Med school and rightly so. It could be said that we instigate the most fun filled events on campus. That, coupled with the fact that we top at our respective  specialised disciplines makes us envied just as much as we are loved. 5, three girls and 2 guys we had synced so much we could guess what we were thinking.

Justin, pretty tall, well built and a dark skinned genius. He’s cute AF, and we have managed to be friends and just friends for over 5 years. We lived in thesame neighbourhood before med school and we have a great relationship. I wouldn’t deny that I have thought of what it would feel like to feel him inside me but never have those thoughts been acted on. I’m sure he must have thought so too though, I’m the typical beauty with brains. I’ve got a great body, a nice round ass, cute eyes and a killer sexy smile. Call me a narcissist all you want. I only just served you total honesty and maybe I was too sincere but truly I don’t care what you think. I’m awesome and I know it.

Justin was sitting on one of the chairs in my room, no arm rests but the chair could rotate. So I just watched him spin round and round, eyes glued to his mobile phone as we chatted on. We talked about very regular things and activities in school until he discovered this sexual humour page on instagram where they post sexual jokes in memes. He read a few out loud and we laughed about it, and the others he just showed it to me. Little did he know that I have been craving dick and an intense orgasm for days now and the cold this evening wasn’t helping matters, neither were the memes. Of course I had my ego I wasn’t going to say “Justin please can you give me some dick” lol .. that line was never going to escape from the walls of my head but there was nothing I wanted more right now than to say those words and hope he doesn’t say “you’re like my sister”.

So I threw the question at him; “hey Justin, when last did you get some pussy?”

He slept his phone and looked at me “why ask Fay?

Nothing serious I’m just wondering why you’re laughing so hard at those sexual memes.

“Really babe? You don’t find them funny?”

No no .. it’s not that. I do find them funny but you’re laughing like you’re watching comedy central.

“I do not understand you still but been a while I got pussy, me and bae been having issues after issues lately no time for even cuddles”

he asked; “how about you? You glow like you get dick everyday”

I replied “I wish”

He asked; “Fay … are you horny right now?”

I replied; “what?” But I couldn’t find any other word(s)

He laughed his ass off pointing towards me struggling to keep his mouth closed. “Hahaha Fay is horny … “

I felt pretty embarrased and I threw my nailcutter at him. It was the nearest thing I could find. I followed the nailcutter in flight with “if you can’t do shit about it don’t laugh at me”

The nailcutter caught him at the side of his face and left a small cut there. I stuck my tongue out and yelled ‘that serves you right’ but he was being a girl about it. He kept his head down and didn’t say a word.

“Common J, it can’t be that bad”

I stood up from the bed and walked towards him in an attempt to asses the damage. I was calling him all sorts of cute romantic names as I got closer to him. The moment my hand rubbed his head to the back of his neck, I can’t explain what happened next but I was the one sitting in the chair. He looked at me having a wicked grin on his face uttering the words “I laughed ‘cos I can do shit about it” just then i understood I had gotten myself in a beautiful mess. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I had no lines, no pride, no ego. I just prepared my mind to let the cause play out. He took off my shorts and slid my panties down too. He looked at me and kissed me really deeply like he had waited for this moment all his life. I pulled him into me just to let him understand the feeling is mutual. We laughed and he just went straight down on me. 

Licking off my juices like he had been thirsty for days. He took my clits in his mouth like a hungry baby finding a nipple. I loved every bit of the sensation. The feeling drove me wild. He slid his fingers into me as he continued devouring this pussy like he had dreamt of it for years.
Then his phone rang. Vibrating in his pockets before The weekend’s voice came on. Neither of us paid any attention to it and he went with his fingers way faster than he had begun. The feeling was unexplainable. I was dripping wet for this fine ass young man and he appreciated every drop of my juices that he got. Fingered me faster and teased that clits with his tongue as creatively as he could. 

Then his phone rang again and this time we both had frustrating groans. He took his phone out of his pockets and it was our other friends. They called to apologise that they are running late and would be there pretty soon. That was definitely a spoiler. But I’m not the girl to settle for a good head when I can have the dick too even when I’m risking getting caught in an awkward situation. Justin was going to go back down on me but I took the reigns. I put him in the chair and took off his trousers and boxers. He was pretty hard on already. Nice shape on the cock with a pretty bend. Veins running all over this beauty. There was no need to take him in my mouth so i went straight to having that cute rod inside me.

I places my legs on either side of his body. Glad there were no arm rests on this chair. I lowered myself onto his cock while he held it for me. The moment his cock cap parted my pussy lips I felt my juices rush down. He stretched me a bit good thing my pussy was pretty wet already. She just let him slide in like a spoon into a melting chocolate jar. His veins were felt as I lowered even further. I swung my head backwards and rode that dick slowly … really slowly. Then the pace increases as my pussy got accustomed to the BEAUTIFUL looking cock. If felt even “gorgeous”. I rode away really fast like a cowboy in my cowgirl position. Taking all of him inside me now I bounced off his thighs leaving a pretty stain of juices everytime. He loved it, he moaned, grabbed my boobs and kissed me. He groaned, moaned and then groaned some more as I rode faster and faster like an excited cowboy. I loved the feeling, I really loved the feeling and I wasn’t going to last much longer before I had what was building up to be a mind blowing orgasm. 

J grabbed my ass and slammed into him faster he held on to those ass cheeks like his life depended on them. He exhaled but only with an underlying deeper groan one which indicated he was close too. I loved the way he moved to grab my waist and place me on and off that dick in frantic pace. I loved it and I was cumming and so was he 
Groans met groans and moans met moans as we both let our huge loads fly. I struggled to keep my mouth shut and if not for Justin’s timely intervention to cover my mouth with his palm. I would have let out a really loud scream. That’s how intense it was. Justin fucked me through my ‘cummings’ and even when i attempted to jump off his dick. He held me tight and fucked me irrespective of my short comings. Yeah yeah .. I felt like a rapper. I was saying so many indinstict words you would have thought I was Busta rhymes. 

We only had little time left. We could hear a knock on the door anytime from now. So we had to get to the bathroom, clean up and get dressed but most importantly we had to steady our breathings. And just when Justin got back to grab his seat, we heard chatter down the hall way. It was the other guys. What a timing. 

We all had our regular normal good time and they left. He texted me immediately a parted ways.

“I’m definitely seeing you before Tuesday” 

I smiled all the way back to my room.


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