WANTS AND DESIRES 1 (pizza comes with a prize)

A really cold Saturday this was. Waking up after a beautiful night’s rest. No thoughts of work today and a perfect weather. Everything was excellent, I thought to myself. It had been a pretty busy week for me and to know that there was no real thing to do today was really deeply satisfying. I got out of bed to make pancakes and had a full glass of milk to go with it. I was dealing with breakfast when I picked up my phone. I turned my data off the previous night, I was so sure I’ll be dealing with so many messages this morning. The message that stood out though was from eroticize the sole writer on the blog eroticthoughtsblog.wordpress.com he had sent me two messages but my notification bar was showing me just one which was “hi” there was an immediate excitement rush about it. Like “he sends dms?” there was no way I could have guessed that. I have wanted to text him multiple times before but I just feared I’ll be snubbed. So I didn’t attempt to. He had earlier sent me a message when I followed the page eroticwordpress on Instagram. It was some kind of official welcome message and that doesn’t count, at least for me. I just replied with a casual thanks and he responded with a smiley and that was it. I opened up the message to read another apart from the “hi”  it read “checked out the blog lately? ” the vibe was immediately killed I thought to myself this is just another official message so I just replied “yes I did, really cool stories you’ve got” and he replied with thanks before asking me “what’s your favorite piece on the blog”  It still looked professional to me so I replied “take me … I’m yours” “great choice” he said before he ran off or so I thought! I switched to other applications and was dealing with my notifications. Minutes later I got a text from him again this time it’s “how you doing though?”  You can be 100 percent sure the excitement returned. This time this dude texted me for real. I mean; this is not some professional message or something. Like this was eroticize checking in on me. I kept my composure and replied “I’m doing good”  and then we chatted away talking about many things although most were erotic as expected. Until I was forced to ask “do you text like this with everybody?”  His reply was classic. “Only if you knew how many people call me a snub”  I ‘hmmed’ and enjoyed the conversation. We talked about making love and fucking. How different those two concepts are but they still need to be combined to create a great sexual experience. He was so detailed like in his stories describing every touch and every kiss and thrust and spank …. and everything else. The thoughts definitely made me wet but not just that he actually got me thinking what being with him would feel like. If he could make love to me so well as he talked about it and if he could fuck me so badly at thesame time. It got me really horny and just as I was about to discuss the possibilities of we getting to hook up – it’s been ages since I had great sex, the type that made my legs numb – I got a message from him reading “gotta go now! I’ll hit you up later in the day. Cool by you?”  at that point I was caught in between typing “fuck you” and “please wait” but I ended up texting “oh okay, yeah no problems. Thanks for checking in”

Really? Really no problems?  I kept repeating that line in my head and I felt like slapping myself in the head every single time. But he was offline now and there was nothing I could do. The thoughts wouldn’t leave though so I went back to the chat and read how he described every little detail. I was sooo horny I decided to touch myself to thoughts this “mystery sex god” had created.

No panties on so I just took my joggers off. Closed my eyes and drowned myself in thoughts as I rolled continuously in circles on my clits. Round and round I kept going! Faster and faster I increased the pace. I was so freaking wet just to thoughts of this man making love to me. I really needed to get off. So I decided to think about him fucking me like a beast. Taking me from behind pressing my boobs against the dining table and fucking me real good. My hands went crazy, tapping on my clits. Beating that clits over and over again. Faster after every touch. And harder with a louder moan. 

Fuck yeah … fuck yeah


 I yelled out as I let my orgasm fly. It was intense, I loved it! I thought about him nutting inside me while I came, the thoughts only made me blush. 

I picked myself up. Took a bath and went back to bed. The nap wasn’t a very long one though. I was awoken by a phone call. It was Sandra.

“Hey Tora,

Hey babes, wassup? you turning up later today? me and the other girls are waiting for you. 

Turning up for what?

Really Tora? Today is Cynthia’s mother’s 60th birthday!

Oh shit! How did I forget? Babe to be honest I can’t make it down. I know you’re disappointed but my tailor didn’t even deliver my dress, although that is partly due to the fact that I didn’t give her a reminder though. But truly I’ve been sooo busy at work and I’ve prepared my mind mentally to rest today. I’m so sorry I can’t make it down. Cook up something for the other girls. Thanks!

You know I hate you right?

I love you too babes” 

I just immediately went back to living my life the way I wanted to today! Watched TV for sometime then continued watching my scandal series later on my laptop. Afternoon was setting in and I just made myself some rice and microwaved the available stew. I wasn’t prepared to head out anywhere and the market was one place I definitely didn’t want to go. I continued with my scandal and after an episode food was ready. I had my lunch with a fruit juice and I kept telling myself not to worry about work or the next morning or even the next meal. I took a couple of  pictures and they came out great. I would post them later today I told myself and that immediately reminded me of eroticize. Wondering when he was going to text me. I just tried to convince myself he was never going to text me again, that way all my worries would be avoided for the better. I finished the rest of season 5 of scandal and decided to take a break before I start with 6. 

It was around 5 pm now and I was back to ‘tv-ing’ shuffling between music channels, feeling the vibes! And there it was, a notification! It was a message from eroticize. “Hey wanderer, you here?” I replied in seconds “hi sex god I’m here”  “Common, don’t flatter me I only happen to know a thing or two about sex it’s nothing to be ‘goddying’ about really” … “i hear” was my reply and we chatted away. He made me laugh a lot and he was really sarcastic about a few things too. 

I decided to upload a photo, one of the good ones I took today and posted. I shared the post with him and asked him what he thought. “how do you manage to look this good?” That was his reply and it made me blush. “I guess I got some from my parents and I take good care of myself” ; I told him. I totally forgot to turn my location off and he called my attention to it in a really sleek fashion “if you wanted me to come see you at Festac you should have told me earlier, I would have planned for it πŸ˜›” oh shit! It hit me. I didn’t know how to reply and I just hoped he sent in another message. Well, yeah he did! 

“Do you like pizza?  There’s this guy I know in Festac that makes great pizza I could have him deliver it to you personally. But of course I need a full address to make that happen” 

“Emm … I’m not sure I want to give you my full address what if you’re a serial killer or something?”

“Hahaha, nice one! Your loss though! The pizza is great!”

“Okay, okay, okay I’ll give you the full address but if the pizza is not as good as you say it is you’re definitely showing me what you look like and you’re telling me your name” 

“Sounds like a good deal to me”; he added.

And that’s how the deal was struck. No work today, no stress today and I’m getting a free pizza I guess there’s light at the end of the tunnel then. The really busy week was having a grand closing ceremony. 

“Hey, my guy would deliver the pizza to you within the hour let’s say 45 mins. Good with you” 

“Absolutely! I’m home”

45 minutes from now would be just a few minutes away from 7pm I guess dinner is taken care of then. I thought to myself. I didn’t know who his ‘friend’ was but I decided to look really good for him so he could take a brilliant report back to eroticize for me. I took a shower, washed up really well then applied a light make up, nothing extravagant just simple but cute too. I slipped into my favorite gown pretty dress. My hair packed in ponytail I was good to go. 

The door bell rang a couple of minutes after I had settled in the living room. Yes, I cared about the pizza but I also cared about impressing the delivery guy. I knew he wasn’t going to be the typical delivery man in uniforms and all. Eroticize said he would have his friend deliver it personally. I got the door and there was a fine ass man standing at my doorstep. Stunning in a traditional attire, this fine ass young man has full beards, perfect eyebrows and beautiful lips. He had this cap on but it still revealed he kept his hair. The beards on the sides of his face were conditioned and his smile was heavenly revealing a gorgeous set of teeth. He didn’t say a word, he only smiled as if he knew I was going to admire him so he just let me have my moment. This dark skinned gorgeous man finally spoke! 
“You must be Tora, here’s your pizza” you have no idea how sexy that sounded. Stretching forth his left hand towards me. I just smiled and said “yes that’s me” and accepted the pizza.

“I hope you enjoy it” he said! before turning around and headed straight for his car. I rushed to drop the pizza on the center table so I could go back to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous man. But to my surprise he was coming back towards my door with a bottle of wine. “Tora, I forgot to add this.” Handing out the bottle to me. I was definitely ‘wowed’ and just as he was about to leave for the second time. I made the bold move. 

“Hey, are you in a hurry to be somewhere? Sorry! my bad you must have a company to run” ; I said

“He gave me that beautiful smile again and said, since I run the company why hurry? No I’m not in a hurry to be somewhere why ask?

“I was thinking you could come in for a drink, this bottle is kinda too big for me to finish” 

He looked at me with a straight face and said; “just put it in the refrigerator you can always go back to drinking it” 

“Oh … ” I replied with the disappointment evident on my face.

He suddenly laughed and said; “I was just fucking with you, of course I’ll come in and have a drink with you!”

I was relieved, I chuckled and he just kept on laughing. Taking off his shoes he looked up at me and said you should have seen your face and he laughed some more following my lead to the dining room. He got settled in while I poured us glasses. He took his glass and said ; “Tora, you’re a really beautiful lady you know” I flushed red and said “thank you! You’re pretty good looking yourself” 

That reminds me, I didn’t catch your name.

“Oh yeah, that’s true I’m …… EROTICIZE”

I was almost in shock! “OMG … is it really you?” … Thoughts about EVERYTHING rushed into my head and my body was having a hard time containing it. 

He said; “could there really be a guy who makes pizza as good as I have described it who also lives in your neighbourhood and you wouldn’t have heard of it or him?”

Valid point I thought to myself. I’m still in disbelief and I watched him take a sip of his wine with his eyes locked on mine ……. 


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  1. You wrote yourself into the story? I don’t believe you! πŸ˜‚ . Cocky much? Very nicely written story though. Very well crafted. Well done Eroticize.


  2. is this a permission to slide into our DM with your stories..acting them out with you won’t be a bad idea *wink*


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