WANTS AND DESIRES 2 (make love to me)

Valid point I thought to myself. I’m still in disbelief and I watched him take a sip of his wine with his eyes locked on mine ……. 

…… “but you were leaving already if not because you forgot the wine” ; I said

“Forgot the wine? I didn’t forget the wine. It was all part of the play. If you didn’t invite me in after the wine, I was going to go … only to return to tell you that I forgot to tell you, you look gorgeous. And if you don’t still invite me in I’ll leave and you’ll probably never get to know it was me” 

“Wow! I’m one lucky girl … ain’t I” ; I said! 

“Cheers” he said as our glasses jammed in the air. We drank up and had the pizza and I must confess it tasted really good. 

I couldn’t get my mind off everything though. Although the initial overwhelming effects of having “the eroticize” in my own house was fading away after we talked about a few other things. But everytime I listened to him speak, the way his lips flushed with pink, such succulence! I could only think! My mind wandered as I had the last meal of the day, remembering everything we spoke about earlier in the day. He’s actually a very funny person, making me laugh at every chance he got. Then we talked about his stories and how he wrote them. The way he replied me was so detailed, I don’t think he left out any piece of information. It turned me on, turned me on really much and all that was in my head was how I would have this man all to myself right now. With the alcohol setting in a little we started to talk dirty. He started with jokes and was careful not to spell out “we should fuck” but I wanted him to. I couldn’t just tell him. It was taking too long and I was begining to fear nothing “great” would happen. He checked his wristwatch a couple of times I knew he was leaving soon. It didn’t exactly make me happy but it didn’t mean my juices stopped trickling either. 

And then this happened ; 

“can you please show me to the kitchen? I need to wash my hands” 

“Sure, that’s not a problem” ; I said as I stood up to make way to the kitchen. He washed his hands and grabbed a napkin. He asked if I wouldn’t wash my hands too, I just told him the napkin will do but he insisted I washed my hands pointing out that food particles could be underneath my fingers. I obliged and the moment i slid my hand under the running tap, I felt hands grabbing me from behind moving slowly from my waist through my dress then my stomach. I felt him press his bulge against my ass and he whispered in my ears ; “who cares about food particles under your fingernails, that shit didn’t sound weird to you?” He chuckled afterwards. I was going to say something but his right hand kept roaming all around my body. Moving from my hips to my thighs, rubbing around my ass that definitely made me shut up. His left hand pulled me in and held me tighter while he pressed his hard on further against my ass. He whispered into my ears again with his hands still roaming around, this time saying ; “I want you really wet for me, I want your juices to flow like this tap (slowly locking the tap), I want your body to respond to my every touch, I want to tease you, please you, make love to you and fuck you, I want to pull you hair, I want you to grab the sheets, I want to hold you tight, I want you to ride me right” teasing my ears with his tongue and little kisses, the back of my neck too. I was so fucking wet for him and I couldn’t take it any longer.

I turned around and kissed him, kissed him like I have waited for years to do so. I flung his cap and held on to his head. He held my waist the hugged my back. Rough, wet and soul satisfying kisses. I let my hands roam around his neck and broad shoulders. He kissed me right. Took my lips all in his mouth, sleek lips interchange and a brilliant tongue intervention. Brilliant expression of desire and purpose. I totally felt wanted. My panties was ruined. I grabbed him by his wrist and led him to the bedroom looking back at him to meet his calm cute face. Lips pink and wet!

He lifted me and placed me on the bed. Crawling up to me, I turned to my side to reveal my gown zippers! He unzipped my gown and I got out of the pretty dress. He dropped it carefully on the side of the bed fixing his gaze on me. Those eyes filled with desire pierced through my body and I loved the appreciation. He moved to kiss me, this time; slow and subtle before unhooking and taking off my bra. How I have wanted that gone since like forever. He kissed my cheeks, forehead, hair, eye lids, nose, sides of my lips, brushing his lips against mine before he went to my chin. 

He dragged his lips across my jawline and through my neck down to my cleavage. I held his head, let out soft moans and arched my back. He went back to my neck to kiss everywhere his lips drew a line across. Kissing very softly, he proceeded to adding soft bites that sent me off the edge.

I arched my back even more, moaned softly at every bite then his hands came to play. This still fully clothed man moved his hands to cup my boobs. Squeezing them as gently as he could but also in the most skillful manner. 

His thumb caressed my erect nipples while his lips – now on mine – couldn’t stop me from moaning in ecstasy! His mouth found his way to my boobs and the way he kissed around them was just perfect. He dragged his mouth and lips around my nipples in circles teasing my nipples. They literally stretched further anytime his mouth got close. He finally took the nipples in his warm mouth but before then he had toggled my nipples with his fingers side to side. Faster he went and I moaned louder. I was going to lose it but he wouldn’t just let that happen at least not just yet, held on to my boobs really tight then eased the grip as those nipples entered his warm mouth. Very skillfully, he combined stroking those nipples with his tongue and suckling them. Pulling them deeper and deeper into his mouth before grazing across the face of those nipples with his teeth. 

My head was in the clouds I was literally raining juices for him. I was sooo freaking wet.
He finally gave me a break. Stood up from the bed and took his necklace off. Took his shirt off too and then his trousers. He had a pretty good body but his dick definitely stood out. To the left side of his boxers was a huge cock with it’s head sticking out. He had a pretty impressive bulge but I could never have guessed he was this big. I got on my knees just in front of this man and took his boxers off. Wow! Definitely close to 8 inches if not 8, super thick and pretty robust too. The way his veins tatood that beautiful cock was truly a masterpiece of art worth appreciation.

I took his cock into my mouth very seductively. Stroking his shaft while looking at him. Our eyes met when he looked down at me and smiled. I loved the way his cock tasted and did I mention he smelled really nice? Oh that fragrance was soothing to my soul. I took him further into my mouth blowing him as well as I could. He moaned in that sexy voice of his and I knew I was doing something right.I blew him faster and faster, deep throating at intervals and he held my hair. Pulled it up a little and that turned me on the more. The way my tongue teased just under that cap was glorious and the moans he let out sounded like songs that won grammy’s to my ears. Faster and faster i blew away this cock and he held my head in appreciation. He started fucking my mouth and I knew he wasn’t going to stop till he cummed. 

So I let it happen for him. I regained control and blew him with every trick from in and out of the book and he was cumming. He held my head and hair really tight now and I felt his warm fluid dribble down my throat. His moans were louder and deeper too. I sucked off that dick as if to pull out every drop of cum he had in him and swallowed every last drop. He pulled me up and pulled me into him. My hard nipples pressing against his body. I was smiling like an idiot.

He placed me back on the bed and parted my thighs. He kissed my toes, and teased my feet and knees with his fingers. He kissed behind both of my knees before moving further forward. He dragged his fingers very slowly, almost too slowly around my inner thighs drawing lines after lines and looking into my eyes. The shivers those deft touches sent through my whole body was unmatched. He then kissed every part of my inner thighs. Soft but wet kisses on both thighs, what a skillful interchange. He dragged his lips across my thighs sending chills down my spine. I got wetter and wetter for this man and I struggled not trying to go crazy. He went further higher and I couldn’t help but grab the sheets.

He kissed the sides of my cunt and pecked my clit through my panties.He dragged his teeth through my pussy and kissed my clit.

He pulled down my panties very slowly till it was all off. He crawled back up parted my thighs again and breathed into that wet pussy as if to give it life. It sent tingling sensations through my whole body. With his head buried in there, he warmed up my clit with slow but broad licks, making his tongue as wide as possible. 

He pressed his tongue onto my cunt and kept giving me those broad licks. His tongue swiped from that wet pussy hole, through and in between the folds up to my clit over and over again. He licked off all my juices with his wide and broad swipes. I held on to the sheets tighter and tried to close my thighs. He weaved his tongue under the folds of my pussy lips, licking off my juices and teasing me brilliantly. He switched to using the tip of his tongue to caress my insides. 

Circling around my clit. Round and round using the tip of his tongue to delve flickles on my clit. He took my clit in his mouth in one deep suckle and I lost it. I moaned so loud and held his head while he weaved through and through with his tongue. Forward upwards strokes and zig-zag movements before he was literally lapping at my juices. He sucked on my pussy lips before he slid his tongue deep inside my pussy and I went wild. His tongue wriggling inside me curling upwards and outwards so that his tongue can brush through the roof of my dripping wet cookie jar.

Gliding through and through. I loved every feeling I got from the sensations. My moans were loud, my eyes were shut. He slipped two fingers inside of me and went in deep and immediately I felt my orgasm building up. His mouth didn’t leave my clit though and deeper he went with his fingers,  as deep as they could go actually. 

He just left his fingers there doing nothing but he kept suckling and tongue toggling my clit. Then he started to move his fingers round and this time I can’t even explain how I felt. Just as I was trying to process this new wild, he moved his fingers from side to side in deep. Side to side in deep and I didn’t even know what to feel no more. The way I grabbed onto his hair you would think I signed up to a contest to rip it off. My moans got even louder when he started to thrust with his fingers his mouth off my clit now. Deep, hard and fast this young man finger fucked his way away. His thrusts getting faster and faster. Harder than it was earlier and my orgasm was building up pretty intensely now. He kept finger fucking harder and faster, I was sooo wet. The deep jamming of his fingers causing my juices to splatter.



Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Fuck yeah

Ooooh shiiiit


I yelled out as I was cumming. It was different, very different. He tried to hold me down but I jumped off those fingers as I squirted for the first ever time in my life. I was a fucking fountain that ruined his beards and the sheets too. Every strand of hair on my body was super sensitive. I couldn’t even control my legs. The numbness was real. 

He made his way to the bathroom, best guess was he went to wash his face. He was just under a pretty waterfall lol. He reappeard after a minute or two carrying a beautiful boner. Big, bold and thick AF he had a wicked smile across his face as he walked towards me. I was less sensitive now and welcomed him onto my bed smiling. 

We laid side by side and his hands roamed my skin, relaxing all my tense muscles. His head sticking out from just over my shoulders. He pecked me on the cheeks and shoulders multiple times. His hands roamed around my belly and boobs. Cupping my boobs and teasing my nipples. He readjusted his body such that his hard on is pressing against my ass but as his hands kept roaming.I swung my hand backwards curling my hand around the back of his neck. 

He parted my ass cheeks and searched for that cookie jar with his cock. I assisted him by repositioning my body and legs to suit what was coming. 

He slid his cock into me very slowly. Cap in first and my eyes went 70% closed and I moaned with satisfaction. The way he stretched me as he went further down that wet tight jar was deeply  satisfying. The thrusts were slow and deep and he kept roaming his hands around my body. Very slowly he withdrew before going back in just as slowly. My hand played with his hair and around his neck as we spooned. His soft moans directly into my ears made me feel good and turned me on even the more. The slow deep thrusts filled me up and I loved every thrust. The way his cock filled me and brushed through all of my insides was indescribable. The only thing I wanted to now was to look into his eyes.
After a few more thrusts he pulled out. He sat on the bed with his legs apart and signalled to me to come. I moved to join him; his legs locked behind my back, mine locked behind his.

We kissed and he slipped into me. All of his cock made its way in and I had to excuse myself from the kiss with short waved but consistent moans. I “whined” on that big cock, making sure that dick rolled around all my insides very, very slowly. His eyes on mine, his gaze was tearing through my soul. I rode on his cock joyfully like a bird set free. Forwards and backwards I rocked like a baby in a cradle, making more juices for this man. My head swung backwards, his hands grabbing my ass trying to control the movement while I rocked faster and faster. His moans started to get deeper and I could feel another orgasm building up inside me.

He lifted me off the bed and took me standing. In that stand and carry position.My legs around his waist, he grabbed me and slammed me onto that cock harder and harder. He was pounding the juices off my insides and if he kept knocking on this door It wouldn’t be too long before I let my juices out again. 

The knocks became harder and with more precision. I was falling from him but I was strong enough to hold on to his neck and let him grab me by my thighs with legs apart. He groaned, moaned deeper, and slammed me into him even further. I bounced off this cock and my juices dribbled down. Faster and harder he slammed into me before moaning really loudly and deeply. He grabbed me tighter and I knew he was cumming real soon. 
“Oh fuck

Fuck yeah

Fuck yeah


Oh shiiiit I’m cumming” — he yelled

I was cumming too and I couldn’t control my moans or my mind.

He dropped me on that cock one last time and let his juices drown in me. I cummed with him and it was a truly sensational experience. 

We got back to the bed and our breaths deep and hard was proving to be more than a challenge to control. We were truly exhausted and I just rolled to his side of the bed and he laid over me and we laughed so hard and ended up cuddling.

We showered together after some time and I got dressed in another gown. No bra nor panties. He got fully dressed and We both made way to the living room.

We were fully recovered now and we had a small talk about how crazy ‘that’ was. He made me laugh a lot, making a joke out of almost everything I said. He was truly pretty cool. We had more of the wine and talked about the page and blog and even if he had replied most of the questions I still wanted to hear him talk about it again first hand.

I got lost looking at his lips as he sipped more wine and talked about stuff …. I thought to myself I better not start anything right now! But the tingling sensation I felt down there strongly disagreed! ……….


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