I wanna kiss you and i want you to kiss me back

I want you to bite my lips gently when you kiss me back 

Use your teeth, and please tug on it….

I want you to kiss my neck and make me moan. 

Get your hands on my body and watch me return the favour.

I’ll run my tongue along the tip of your ears and make you shudder….

I’ll trail my fingers down, from your neck through your chest… then to your tummy….

I hope you know you should be touching my boobs by now. 

I want you to. They’re yours…

Cup them, flick your tongue over my nipples, play with them… 

Use your fingers and your teeth. Don’t be shy. You have me in your palms now.

I’ll reach down and grab your cock gently, then look you straight in the eyes, in a way that you are sure I’m about to make you groan.

I’ll stroke your length through your pants slowly.. savoring my prize… then I’ll unzip you……..

I’ll rub the pad of my thumb over the head of your cock in a circle…. 

then I’ll stroke you up and down… till i see your eyes glaze over. 

Then I’ll kneel and take you in my mouth… just the way you like it.

I’ll make you beg me to stop … while listening to your racing heart

I see the challenge in your eyes … you want to take me so badly

It’s written all over your face. Once I send you over the edge there’s only want thing You’re gonna make me do

You’re gonna make me scream …. please make me scream. I want to scream.


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