Taste or be tasted || Eat or be eaten 

I would forever be intrigued by Cunnilingus. This act of giving pleasure is just an amazing work of art.

The toes curl when the tongue weaves through the folds.
There are chills sent not just to the spine but to the whole body.

Licking off juices with broad slow swipes just to warm that cookie up. Pressing the tongue against that juicy fleshy fold dragging high up to the clit from down below. Tongue tornadoes around that clit. Hoping they throb, then take it into your mouth in a pretty deep suckle. Pulling in deeper and deeper and just when the clits can go deeper you swing your head from left to right before letting the clit go. Then you use the tip of your tongue to give precise strokes on either side of that cookie jar opening. Dragging this strokes upwards and inwards over and over again. With Consistency, precision and joy. Watching you squirm, short waved but alike moans. Soft but true, music to the ears as they escape those lips. Then the juices get licked off. All of it, like a dog would do to a treasured bone slowly before licking those juices off like a hungry puppy just found milk. The hunger and desire absolutely top notch.

Just when your moans become loud and inconsistent, the fingers come in to play … shutting you up like the DJ just killed a song only to get you restarted with the fingers mesmerizing your body, heart and soul by teasing all of your insides slowly but skillfully. It is followed by a sense of satisfaction by you and deep sigh before your brain is fully awoken again. Deep thrusts, a little faster now and your body is jubilating in ecstasy. The mouth goes back to the clit and you go numb. Numbness in your feet, you grab the sheets even tighter. The tongue laps at the clit while the fingers pound their way away in your stream of juices. You hold on to his hair, while giving incredible efforts to catching your breath. Your mouth can’t close and your heart doesn’t stop racing.

He takes the mouth off your clit but doesn’t stop pounding away. Looks at you and says

“Baby …. please cum for me” …..

You can imagine the rest……..


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