Hearts were racing as we ran up the stairs, me alongside Jimmy. We started kissing from downstairs and we knew we just couldn’t leave it at that. My mum was going to be back in less than 30 minutes. She always came home 12 minutes past 8 for 3 years running now except if something out of the ordinary happened. I was soaked to my panties. Jimmy pushed open the door but I beat him to the couch. He unhooked his belt, and took off every piece of clothing. I watched him a little before I got into the act of undressing too. I took off my dress, unhooked my bra and took off my panties. Jimmy rushed over to meet me on the couch, kissed me and squeezed my boobs real hard. It turned me on the more and I just wanted to be fucked hard by his rock solid but really cute cock.

I assumed the doggy position on the couch. Jimmy got his condom on and took his stance just behind me. He slid “little jimmy” into my really wet pussy and I felt really fulfilled. He filled me up and kept going deeper till all of him was inside me. I could feel our skins kiss. He thrusted out really slowly but completely only to thrust back in before I could protest. He repeated that thrice and I wasn’t exactly loving it the fourth time he slid in deep and was withdrawing again in the same manner. In my head, i was like ‘for fuck’s sake I want you to fuck me, we are on a fucking clock’ he used his now juice stained dick to beat my clit repeatedly and that got me completely out of my thinking mode. Harder and faster he tapped repeatedly on my clit and I moaned gracefully. He finally slid into me and stayed. 

He buried his cock in deep and fucked me hard. Deep, hard and consistent thrusts over and over again. Soul satisfying thrusts pounding my juices off my insides. Slamming into me harder, deeper and this time even faster. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into him the more as he drilled further to meet mine. All of his cock buried deep into my pussy. Drilling and smashing through. He leaned forward to grab my boobs and I loved it. That slowed the pace down a bit, he didn’t like that so grabbing my boobs and fucking me didn’t last as long as I wanted it to. But then came ass smacks. Jimmy spanked my ass and spoke dirty to me. 

“You like how I fuck you baby? Want me to go harder? You want it faster?” Answering each question with soul satisfying thrusts over and over again. 

“This pussy is the bomb mami, you get so fucking wet for me baby, ooohhh shit,  Oh fuck shit mami, let it rain …. let it fucking rain on me mami” he sent me well over the edge I got really really wet for him. I could hear sounds ‘like that of a young boy running in wet oversized flipflops’ I was dripping. I couldn’t help my moans now, they were loud and he loved them because he fucked me even harder

“Common baby, fuck it, fuck it …. fuuuuck it, cum for me baby, i want you to cum for me baby, cum for me hun,  cuuummm for me mami, yeahhhh, yeah” and as if my whole body heard him I knew I could only take a few more strokes before I ‘crumbled’to his wishes. Not that it was a bad thing. I would love to do that. All through this he fucked my brains out. He moaned through the talks and I moaned from being smashed. 

“Oh fuck it baby, this pussy too good, I’m gon nut” that only reminded my body of my pending orgasm

“We echoed ‘I’m cumming’ in unison” his thrusts harder, deeper and faster. His moans louder. My whole body was actively involved, it was like my soul was leaving my body. He pounded me through all the seconds I cummed for before gradually slowing down till stop after yelling a pretty loud fuck!!!! 

I took one look at the clock and shouted “Oh shit Jimmy you’ve gotta run” For real? He replied. We were all sweaty with hearts racing. He was really struggling to catch his breath. He took off the used condom, dropped it on the centre table. Got into his clothes and ran off. 

I was expecting my mum any second now so I quickly disposed off the condom arranged the living room and ran to take a shower thinking I automatically smelled like dick or pussy.

I had my bath, got into fresh new clothes, and my mum had still not come through the door. I was beginning to regret why I rushed Jimmy off when I heard the door bell. Finally, i thought. Well it was my mum, we exchanged pleasantries, I helped her with bags from grocery shopping. I had not even gotten to the kitchen when I got the question, “Did a certain Josh leave here some minutes ago?” I quickly replied; ‘no I’ve been bored out of my mind staying in this house all day’ She said; “oh okay, I’m here now we’ll talk”

I got to my room from the kitchen and called Jimmy ; “hello Josh” he immediately laughed and said ; “not a bad codename is it? Immediately I got downstairs I met your mum, I recognised her from earlier pictures. She stopped me and asked why I was sweating profusely and my heart racing this much, but more importantly which flat upstairs I was coming from. I just told her oh, i was coming from Tobe’s flat, you once told me your mum and his do not interact anymore so I was sure she would go asking for confirmation. I also explained that we were playing a lot in the house hence the sweaty body and I just got a call from my mum that’s why I raced down the stairs so I could quickly answer her and come back to meet the fun at Tobe’s place. She asked me a few more questions about where I lived and stuff so I decided to start up a really long story just to make sure I stalled her long enough” I replied with “I love you Jimmy, you’re just the best. I’ll talk to you later I need to attend to mum now, safe babe”  He replied; “safe” before I cut off the line and went to help my mum.


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  1. This is really, really hot. I have to catch my breath and calm my beating heart!

    Your characters’ needs are palpable and authentic.

    You also really capture the desperation of teenagers who know what they need (i.e. sex NOW) in a world where adults think young people should never ever have sex. Ever. They have no place to go to have sex, no freedom and just a sliver of time
    to rut and try to find release. They do, and in the final panic they elude the *authorities.* Ahhh, against all odds they prevail.

    Very intense and satisfying! 👏👏👏

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you find it interesting! I try to paint clear pictures with my stories and make them as relatable as possible!

      Thanks again ❤


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