… pointing to the showers. I returned the shaving stick to him though! Told him I was always cleanly shaved. He smiled and headed out……

I came out of the showers fresh but all dressed wearing my black long sleeved shirt and my short skirt and of course my panties. I managed to find my way to the door and out of the dark room. I headed to the living room where he was sitted still fully clothed. He immediately stood up and asked why on earth are you still fully dressed? I looked at him strange but before I could say anything to compliment my facial expression he walked up to me and turned me around pushed me forward so I rested on the table which was also happened to be home to the telephone. He pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and smacked my ass real hard.

Saying “bad girls get punished” in his deep manly voice after every hard smack to my butt. It was so very unusual but I liked the feeling. He told me; “next time if I ever give you a towel, that’s the only thing I want to see you in”. Then he led me to that dark room after he made me undress and I didn’t even have a towel on! Just my garter hanging from my thighs.

He turned on the lights and the room was a little irregular but nothing out of the ordinary. He had a table close to the wall, a couple of balls around and so many scented candles. The room’s wallpaper though had a sensual feel to it. He asked me to head to the table and lay there. He lit a couple of candles and handed me a blindfold. I was wondering … why didn’t he just use it on me by himself. I just assumed he trusts me enough not to cheat and so I blindfolded myself leaving no spaces to peek from. 

I heard him unlock something, it sounded like a wardrobe. He took quite some time and I was getting tensed already before I suddenly felt his hands on me. He roamed his hands around my neck and shoulders, teasing my arm, I moved my hand to touch his and the next thing I know, my hands were behind my head about to be strapped to the bench. I was going to protest but then I felt his hands again, roam around my breasts. He cupped them beautifully and toyed with them how he liked. Then he got me fully strapped. He teased my nipples so badly dragging his fingers very slowly around my nipples. Round and round he went very slowly and my nipples started responding to his every touch. It was almost like my nipples were stretching to look and find his fingers and in no time they were erect. He brushed his fingers across my hard nipples hitting them from side to side and it made me moan loudly. He kept hitting them from left to right. The faster her moved his fingers the more pleasure I felt and the louder I moaned for him. I could feel my pussy get wet from his glorious touch. Just when I was loving every bit of the action, he stopped. Still blind folded, i was clueless on what his next move would be. I felt a cold steel initially on my nipples initially then I felt some rubber and … clamp! That was it!!! My hard nipples got clamped.

The feeling was good, it was like my nipples suddenly got a soft bite. Until the clamps got tighter. Oh fuck yes! And even tighter! Beyond the initial pain was a door to never experience pleasure. The clamps stayed in their positions with no increasing tightness for a few more seconds before I felt my legs getting strapped to the bench. Then and there I knew I had better be prepared to experience a brilliant mix of pain and pleasure. He walked around the bench and I felt the clamps on my nipples loosen it’s grip and eventually went off. 

I had not even taken enough breaths as I would have liked before my nipples got suctioned. Oh my word! The feeling was fucking sensational. It was better than the deepest nipple suckle any man had given me my whole entire life 

… and it got even better as my nipples got pulled in even further. I moaned loudly to this sensation. The feeling was absolutely incredible. I instantly got insanely wet and he let me have my nipples get pulled in even further. 

“Oh fuck yeah! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Shiiiitttt!!!!!! Fuck it!!!”

I yelled as my nipples were pulled in and further suctioned after every moan in pleasure till when it was getting to pain. And just as if he timed it, he let my nipples go at the perfect time. My clit was hard, my pussy insanely wet and my nipples the hardest I had seen them all my life. I loved every single minute of being pleased by this complicated fine man.

Next up was a vibrator!!! When I heard that buzzing sound there was absolutely no mistaking it. I tried to get my mind a little warmed up for what was to come. I also tried to see how much movement the straps to my legs could allow and to be honest it wasn’t much. This very “normal looking” room had turned into a home of unimaginable pleasure.

He teased my nipples with the vibrator. Sleekly across the face, very skillfully on the sides before teasing my whole breast. My nerves were dealing with the stimuli of their lives. He teased around my body intelligently with the vibrator before heading down town to my thighs. The vibrator dribbled around my inner thighs brilliantly teasing me maximally. My juices couldn’t help but flow some more and at the very first feel of that vibrator on my clit, my pussy dripped!

The feeling is absolutely unexplainable. I tried to move my hands and close my legs but to no avail. My hard clit was throbbing. Constantly stimulated by non-stop vibrations, I couldn’t help but cry in pleasure. I was truly helpless! He moved the vibrator round and round teasing every part of my clit. I was literally raining juices for him. Then he moved it from side to side, that, absolutely sent me over the edge. My orgasm was building up. I was going to cum really soon!!

He then moved to concentrate the vibrations centrally, pressing the vibrator against my clit. I moaned in ecstasy, really loud moans with me uttering constant nonsense from time to time. My legs were shaking, they shook like the lips of a man who was shivering from cold in Antarctica. It was that bad. If I wasn’t strapped to the bench I would have most probably jumped off the bench and ran up the stairs. My body was given way more pleasure than it could take! It it was only right that I exploded in an incredibly intense fashion. I uttered many more nonesense as I was closer to my orgasm. 

“Oh fuck … ohhh 

Oh shittttt … nooo 

Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh

Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuccckkkk


Exploding with cum, my WHOLE body was shaking. The vibrator was on my throbbing clit from the start of my orgasm experience till the end. Do not even try to think too much about it if you are at work. Otherwise you’d be walking around in ruined panties. My whole body was NUMB! It was the most intense orgasm I had experienced my whole life.

He took off my blind fold and to see that he still had every piece of clothing on down to his shoes just made him 30 times sexier. I struggled to catch my breath and to even utter a word. 

He took his clothes off, every piece of clothing! and moved to unstrap me. Hands first, then legs after! I needed to stretch my hands and legs. I got off the bench and I could barely walk. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and took me straight to the room. Up the stairs we went! His room or the room he led us to was beautiful. It had a great view too. There was a couch close to the window side and that was our next destination. 

He opened his drawer and brough out a mouth gag and some cloth-like materials. Most were black and the others were white. He placed me on the couch made me lean backwards and folded my knees, bent into my body. The bonded me up with the black materials and he did it like a pro. He was obviously a pro. Tying me up like that and there was no movement from my limbs. My hands just inside my thighs and my legs apart. Then he moved to gag me, telling me I make too much noise. I protested but he wasn’t having it. He gagged me before deciding on what to do with my wet pussy.

He teased my clit with his thumb, round and round like he did with the vibrator before slamming his fingers deep inside of me. He went as deep as my pussy would let him. And in no time, he was all in. He moved his fingers like a swimmer’s fluttering legs, interchanging beautifully like he was attempting to swim away. Oh! I loved the feeling of his fingers inside of me! It melted my soul. He decided to move his fingers from side to side real fast before he finger fucked me as fast, as deep and as hard as he could go! 

There was nothing I could do. No moans to ease me up. I just had to take the pleasure like the strong woman that I am. He finger fucked me for a while before he gave his fingers a break.
He untied me and told me to “shhhh” before he took out the gag. He made me promise I wouldn’t yell so much again. I did as quickly as I knew there was an option not to get that gag back into my mouth. I hated that gag in my mouth …….


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