…… He untied me and told me to “shhhh” before he took out the gag. He made me promise I wouldn’t yell so much again. I did as quickly as I knew there was an option not to get that gag back into my mouth. I hated that gag in my mouth …….
Still on that couch we were, he readjusted my body position a little before he grabbed the white clothing material. He fastened my wrists to my ankles with the help of the white material. My hands on outside of my legs. He joined me on the couch with a pretty impressive hard on cock. Beautifully carved, slightly bent, very thick and looked ravishing.

He tapped on my clit with his hard on cock over and over again. Beating my clit till I was all wet. I tried to keep my moans as low as I could but it was the hardest thing I had done all night. He used his cock to tease my clit moving that cock from side to side. He increases the pace with every side to side movement. My eyes were closed and my head tilted backwards into the throw pillows behind me. 

He finally slid into me! His cock diving into my stream of juices, stretching my walls and teasing every part of me. He slid in slow and kept drowning even slower till all of him was inside of me. It was deeply satisfying. Yes his fingers were magical but to feel him was a new satisfactory high. He withdrew completely from me and I took a very nice glance at his cock. Big and bold shinning with my juices. He penetrated me this time with almost 3 times the initial speed he used the last time and grabbed me by my waist. He forgot his eyes on mine as he fucked me hard. My eyes couldn’t play the stare game as good as his and neither could I keep my moans to myself for any longer. He rammed me rugged, shallow but fast! I complimented every thrust with a loud moan of my own. 

He fucked me with shallow but fast, shallow but fast, shallow but fast then deep soul satisfying thrusts. The way he switched between fucking me fast and hard and deep but not as fast was laudable. But soon enough it became deep hard and fast thrusts. He took me excellently. Grabbing my waist and pulling me into him as he fucked through my juices. My moans loud and consistent only got louder as he fucked me harder. I loved every part of dick inside me. I badly wanted to grab the couch but I couldn’t. He fucked me some more, even harder this time and my moans became really loud. 

He pulled out and reminded me that I made him a promise to “shut up”. I tried to explain he fucked my moans out of me but before I could even start my explaination he was letting me loose already. At that point I feared the worst. I thought he was really going to ask me to get my clothes and leave. But instead, he opened his drawer, brought out a gag, two handcuffs and two tennis wrist bands. He led me to the bed. Gagged me irrespective of my pleads, pressed my head into the mattress and let my breast sink into the sheets. He told me to wear the wrist sweat bands, then he placed my hands behind my back on my ass. He bent my knees and cuffed my right wrist to my right ankle and he did the same for the left side.

He held me by my ankles and fucked the shit out of me. He pounded me so hard fucking through my juices and drilling me hard. I couldn’t moan loud, neither could I grab the sheets but it didn’t take anything away from how much I loved his dick inside of me. He drilled me fast, deep and hard and every thrust came with a different feel. Harder he went, deeper he drilled, faster he fucked. I could feel another orgasm build up. I wanted to yell don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!!! So bad but I couldn’t, the stupid gag was on. I even hated the gag more when he pulled out of me. I knew if he could have heard me say don’t stop! He would have fucked me some more.

Well, he took the cuffs off, I took the gag and bands off. He directed me to a more central area on the bed. He took me from behind, sliding into my wet pussy. My pussy seemed a little tighter and I could feel every inch of him brush through my insides. Most notably was the way his cock brushed through the roof of my pussy with every thrust. It was magical, sending me over the edge everytime he slammed into me. This time, there was no slow start. He pounded my pussy hard and fast, continuing from where he left off. He smashed through my insides with our skins jamming pretty hard. His hand was around my neck though. Choking me how he wanted. I could feel another orgasm building up and at the rate he was going I knew he wasn’t going to last so long himself 

My mouth wouldn’t shut and he didn’t stop pounding the shit out of me. He choked me and I loved the feeling. He got a little tighter as the pounds became faster and a little harder. I yelled don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!! Oh fuck yeah baby!! Like that, please don’t fucking stop!!! I was going to cum. He groaned the words cum for me into my ears and I was definitely willing to do as he wished. He just needed a few more precise strokes and I was going to be a ‘jelly fish’. His moans became deeper and he fucked me even better. Moaning oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah!! I’m gon cum baby!!! Oh shiiit!!! His voice and subsequent strokes did it for me. Please cum inside of me baby! I struggled to say amidst my many loud moans. I WAS FUCKING CUMMING!! It felt like a fucking tornado. He fucked me so fast and hard. He was cumming! speaking gibberish and moaning very inconsistently. I was cumming for him too. His harder strokes ‘killed’ me. It was like electricity passed through my whole body. He fucked me hard through my cum and my legs were shaking like I had just been electrocuted. My moans were so fucking loud, I was almost screaming!!! 

His groans got more intense as I felt his cum dribble inside me. It was AMAZING! Dreams do come true after ALL.

He got off me rolled over to the side and asked; “So, when are you leaving?”  Like Forreal? I was just trying to gather my body and soul together and he asked that! I told him “I have no idea” He chuckled and said; “I thought so too! You can have the room for the night, you should be well rested by morning!”  He stood up and left. Shutting the door behind him.

Then he came back again. “Remember we are friends! FRIENDS!! That’s all we would ever be” It tore me apart, but I knew I couldn’t get mad. I knew that before, I just liked to dream. I processed it in moment but by the time I was going to look up to say “okay” he was gone. 


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