I’m here this cold morning thinking so much about Ryan! I met Ryan about 6 months ago, okay! I met ‘met’ Ryan in person about 3 weeks ago. We had been texting online and the earlier months were just basic formalities. We met on an erotic page @eroticwordpress on Instagram. So you can imagine what our conversation looked like. Although as the girl I didn’t give him so much joy initially, but he was a gentleman and knew exactly how to keep a conversation going. We texted not everyday, in the earlier months actually we texted very very rarely but when we did, we talked about quite a number of things. The cool thing was we always picked up where we left off like we didn’t even take a break at all. Anyway to the real thing, we got talking really much about 6 weeks ago. This dude is everything, he waited months to tell me he found me attractive and would love to show me beautiful and explore crazy with me. “Common man, Forreal? No love, nothing, I don’t know you so well and you want to show me beautiful?  😕 how???” That was exactly what I wanted to type but before my first line he started telling me everything he would like to do to me. That came at a really wrong time because I was sorta horny and Ryan was so good with words. He told me everything that my body and soul has craved for all my life. Don’t get it wrong, I have EXPLORED! But I have just not really felt some soul awakening satisfaction. He is so good with words and I had to fight every hormone raging in my body to shut that down. He described how much he would love to have my clit in his mouth, how well he would nibble on my nipples, how brilliantly he would finger me! All these painting a very clear picture in my head! Felt so real, shit was so detailed I could almost feel his hands roam on my body. He’s probably as good a writer as eroticize, okay, maybe not! But for me to have even thought that you can be sure he was freaking detailed in describing explicitly how he would like to show me beautiful.
I told him to stop talking about it that it’s never going to happen and that I have a boyfriend! He sent me a smiley and continued, “I was like tf is this dude” he kept texting in details, I wasn’t texting back though just reading. I was horny AF. I was getting pretty wet and then he asked. “What’s going through your head right now” I simply replied ; “I’m not going to tell you anything”  he sent in a smiley and continued. He was fucking with my head major, I couldn’t resist for much longer. Then he asked again “how wet do you get when you’re pretty horny” I contemplated for a while then texted him saying “should I? how bad can it get it’s just texts” yeah right! Only if I knew better. I went on to tell him I get pretty wet when I’m horny saying “wet enough to allow you slide in deep at only the second attempt” He sent in love struck emojis and asked “pretty tight?” I replied saying No! He kept telling me all sorts of nasty and things he would love to do to me and my resistance was broken. We texted really nasty things and I was wet as fuck. He also told me how hard he had gotten for me and I was glad I got him hard for me. He told me to play with myself for him but I told him it wasn’t really my thing. He didn’t force it and one of us had to run. It was me! We’ll talk later.

That was the start of something magical. We texted the next day not so much, and the next few days were pretty busy for him so we didn’t text so much but he always remembered to check in and remind me of how wet he could get me. We finally got texting again and I found myself ignoring messages just so I don’t delay responses that I was to give him. I found myself waiting for his texts he was in my head already, what was worse was I kept denying it. He was so fucking manly and dominant. He was blunt and pretty straightforward. His confidence turned me the fuck on everytime. I mean how can you tell someone he won’t get to fuck you but you guys could probably do a couple of things and he replies “hey baby! When you see me you’ll drip for me, my touches would make you rain for me, you’ll be helpless when I kiss you and after I give you that head you would beg me to fuck you” I mean who fucking says that? That’s so hot! 😧😩😧. He said, I’m not trying to make you fall in love with me or ruin your love thingy you have going on. I just want to show you beautiful and explore crazy with you. He was in my every thought did I mention he’s fine AF? His lips!!! Oh lawd I want to kisssss.

The next day we got texting from I think 11 a.m. It was raining cats and dogs earlier that day but it was reduced to drizzles. I told him I had a class by 2 pm and how I wished the rain didn’t reduce so I would have an excuse not to go to class. He just laughed and we kept texting. I was alone wearing nothing but a gown and a bra, the bra because I had gone out earlier that morning I don’t exactly have the biggest boobs so I don’t like to go out without bras it makes them look so small. Anyway he started telling me really nasty things and I was way more comfortable texting with him now. He asked to know if he was the only one that gets turned on by even the simplest texts we shared. I told him it was mutual and went on to tell him how I would have normally insulted anyone trying to talk with me in this manner! In my words “I would have insulted anyone who texts me I’ll fuck your brains out but as much as I hate to admit it, yours really excite me” I knew I just caused trouble and I needed to get ready for what was to come but I just thought I had a class by 2 pm how bad can it get. He sent in smileys and love struck emojis saying he appreciates that I like the fire he is starting in me and he would love to keep it blazing. We talked about a few extra nasty things and one thing led to another, I told him I wasn’t wearing any panties and he sent in tongue emojis. Telling me how he would love to eat me out right now. Taking my clit in his mouth, deep suckle it, pull it up with his mouth and move his head from left to right. He told me how much he would love to tongue fuck me and tease my pussy with his tongue. He told me so many things and I could feel it Forreal! I got wetter for him, I hated the fact that he could make me rain juices for him just with his words.

Away from the talk, he told me to tell him something about my pussy and he’ll tell me something about his dick in return. I told him I had never cummed before, that yes I’ve been close, I have an idea about how good it could feel like but it just wouldn’t cum out.  He told me people say his fingers are thin but his dick’s width is equivalent to his 3 middle fingers. He proceeded to send me a photo of his 3 fingers and the next thing I told him was “that’s impossible, that’s too much exaggeration” he said nothing and send me a photo of his three fingers on his dick and I swear! There was zero exaggeration, I was freaking wowed!!! Like how on earth does he get that into ladies like Forreal! I had to ask. Asides from the fact that the width was pretty unbelievable. His cock looked pretty thick too. I begged him to send in a full photo and wow!!! That dick’s big 😰 my freak level trippled!!! I told him how much I wanted to suck that cock and be fucked crazy by it. That’s how we picked off from there. We talked crazy dirty I got freaking wet. We sexted in beautiful fashion. I told him how wet I was and he told me to slide two fingers in deep and show him how wet I was with those fingers. I sent him the photo and his follow up messages showed he absolutely loved how wet I was for him. He kept telling me everything and after a while he asked me if I liked how those fingers felt in that pussy when I dived in to retrieve juices for him. I told him it felt real good and he ordered me, yes! Ordered me to slide back in and do nothing! Just leave my fingers in there and do nothing, I wanted to protest but he owned me right then, I was helpless. I followed his instructions religiously and I swear I never believed touching myself could have felt that good! He dished out instructions and I loved the part where I had to beat my clit. Oh fuck! I beat that clit so fast and hard It felt so fucking good. Thinking about his mouth on my pussy, all of his dick inside of me drove me wild. We exchanged some pretty nasty snaps and the views were beautiful.

Time fucking flew past we had texted till 5pm I didn’t even give a shit about the class I had. Ryan had made me not only do what I most probably would have been against but also enjoy it too. I knew I was in trouble. I had not sexted with anyone who wasn’t my boyfriend in a pretty long while and that was arguably the best I’ve had all my life. As you would imagine … the urge to fuck him quadrupled. I found myself going to his page over and over again checking out his photos. Thinking of how his lips intertwined with mine could feel like and how it would feel to have his hands roam under my panties. 

He texted me, commenting on one of my photos saying I look really good and that he likes short, he thinks short is cute.He also mentioned how good my lips looked and that he couldn’t wait to find out how they tasted. I was literally blushing! I knew I was in trouble and had to stop this before I became helpless. So I told him, I’m a person that thinks sex ruins friendships and I considered him to be a friend insisting I’ll rather have the friendship than the sex. He wasn’t overly bothered, he just convinced me in his regular assertive fashion and I hate to admit it but I think his case could be truly different. He’s not a common type, he’s smart, quite logical and clear sighted, he is simply IT. He insisted shitty sex ruins friendships and he is not giving me a regular average sex experience. Again he wins! He was right all the friendships that sex had ruined has an element of shitty sex characterizing them. We ended up talking about a whole lot of other things and I realised we had quite a lot of things in common.

Fast forward to this day, I’m here really freaking wet already just thinking about Ryan! He now owns my thoughts, rules my head, I find myself waiting for his texts. His “hi  baby” gets me wet. That’s how deep I’m into this shit, into his shit. Since I met him 3 weeks ago I’ve been bent on him (I’ll tell y’all all about it the next time I’m here 😙) but right now I need your help. How can I get him out of my head. I freaking call him zaddy now 😢😢😢. I still feel him inside of me and taste his lips when I eat. I told him about it! He smiled sent me an audio file. In it was ” Ain’t my fault by Zara Larsson”

My name is EVA by the way.


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