I parted my thighs to grant him a little more access and he appreciated it with a kiss. The first one on the day. He gave me one of those killer looks before leaning into me. Planting his lips onto mine. I shut my eyes as he tried again, this time parting my lips, taking one into his mouth in the sweetest way possible. He kissed me slowly while caressing my thighs, with my eyes shut I got lost in thought. I almost forgot where we were as I held on to his face. Good thing he didn’t. He stopped the kiss before I could go all crazy. His hand didn’t slow down though. He kept wandering till he found my panties. 



He was so fucking manly and dominant. He was blunt and pretty straightforward. His confidence turned me the fuck on everytime. I mean how can you tell someone he won’t get to fuck you but you guys could probably do a couple of things and he replies “hey baby! When you see me you’ll drip for me, my touches would make you rain for me, you’ll be helpless when I kiss you and after I give you that head you would beg me to fuck you” I mean who fucking says that? That’s so hot! 😧😩😧.


He pulled out and reminded me that I made him a promise to “shut up”. I tried to explain he fucked my moans out of me but before I could even start my explaination he was letting me loose already. At that point I feared the worst. I thought he was really going to ask me to get my clothes and leave. But instead, he opened his drawer, brought out a gag, two handcuffs and two tennis wrist bands. He led me to the bed. Gagged me irrespective of my pleads, pressed my head into the mattress and let my breast sink into the sheets.


The feeling was good, it was like my nipples suddenly got a soft bite. Until the clamps got tighter. Oh fuck yes! And even tighter! Beyond the initial pain was a door to never experience pleasure. The clamps stayed in their positions with no increasing tightness for a few more seconds before I felt my legs getting strapped to the bench. Then and there I knew I had better be prepared to experience a brilliant mix of pain and pleasure.


I like the idea of love, I totally think romance is beautiful but I have always wanted to be fucked helplessly all my adult life. Not exactly raped, but fucked by a man I like and want! Although as the years have gone by, I have learnt to live with the fact that it may never happen! The thoughts of being fucked helplessly still gets me wet every single time though! I have just found a way to pay less attention to it!


Hearts were racing as we ran up the stairs, me alongside Jimmy. We started kissing from downstairs and we knew we just couldn’t leave it at that. My mum was going to be back in less than 30 minutes. She always came home 12 minutes past 8 for 3 years running now except if something […]


When people tell me sex ruins friendships trust me I never seem to understand it ….  I’ll air my views later but before then let’s read this real life story i got from a conversation with a newly found but pretty good friend …. NARRATED FROM A FEMALE POINT OF VIEW; So there’s this guy, […]