I wanna kiss you and i want you to kiss me back I want you to bite my lips gently when you kiss me back  Use your teeth, and please tug on it…. I want you to kiss my neck and make me moan.  Get your hands on my body and watch me return the favour. […]

WANTS AND DESIRES 2 (make love to me)

“who cares about food particles under your fingernails, that shit didn’t sound weird to you?” He chuckled afterwards. I was going to say something but his right hand kept roaming all around my body. Moving from my hips to my thighs, rubbing around my ass. His left hand pulled me in and held me tighter while he pressed his hard on further against my ass. He whispered into my ears again with his hands still roaming around, this time saying ; “I want you really wet for me, I want your juices to flow like this tap (slowly locking the tap), I want your body to respond to my every touch, I want to tease you, please you, make love to you and fuck you, I want to pull you hair, I want you to grab the sheets, I want to hold you tight, I want you to ride me right” teasing my ears with his tongue and little kisses, the back of my neck too. I was so fucking wet for him and I couldn’t take it any longer

WANTS AND DESIRES 1 (pizza comes with a prize)

Really? Really no problems?  I kept repeating that line in my head and I felt like slapping myself in the head every single time. But he was offline now and there was nothing I could do. The thoughts wouldn’t leave though so I went back to the chat and read how he described every little detail. I was sooo horny I decided to touch myself to thoughts this “mystery sex god” had created.


Licking off my juices like he had been thirsty for days. He took my clits in his mouth like a hungry baby finding a nipple. I loved every bit of the sensation. The feeling drove me wild. He slid his fingers into me as he continued devouring this pussy like he had dreamt of it for years.


The movie went on and on and after a while, the sex scenes started getting to me. An image of Mr TDH flashed in my head and I imagined how it would feel if he had me pushed against a wall with blindfolds giving my pussy a good pounding. I could feel my panties getting soaked. I was wearing a gown and a lacy gstring. My hand eventually found it’s way inside my panties ….


He led me back to the inclined bench. He dragged my ass to the edge of the seat and told me to lay back. He spread my thighs and kissed them. So very softly you would feel as though it just drizzled past. It sent me wild. The sight of his cock made my pussy throb but these deft finger touches and soft kisses got me really wet. So wet I told him to skip the head and just fuck me. He took me to the thread mill, parted my legs. I bent over and held on to the ‘handles’ for support. This black man was hard on again like he had not even cummed once today. Shit was crazy I knew I was going to be rammed rugged. He passed his fingers from behind and played around my clits like he had the whole day. Started really slow teasing in circles and my juices wouldn’t stop raining then he switched up on me like he had to finish in some record time. The sudden switch brought about a foreign excitement. One I have not felt before. The sudden rush of take me now ‘tallied’ with the volume of juices dribbling down my thighs. I moaned as though I was being fucked crazy not because i wanted to but his brilliant expertise left me no choice.


… and no he didn’t stop! He went at it harder and I rained juices for this fine man. And just when I thought I should check my moans! He slid two fingers deep into my wet silky cookie jar. My head was literally in the clouds. He knew I loved to be fingered. That is my greatest foreplay weakness. And of all times to use that against me, he chose now?  😩😩😩. I was helpless there was absolutely nothing I could do from here! I was his bunny.

He went in real fast hard and deep!! Brushing through the roof of my jar as he did. I was dripping with honey juices and making music with my moans. The was loving it.

“His fingers in deep .. oh shit .. oh shitttt
Faster he went … deeper still and he didn’t slow down … “